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By Brian MacQuarrie | Globe Staff

In Norfolk, female veterans find strength through learning to ride and care for horses

Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

NORFOLK — Feet in the stirrups, hands on the reins, Karen Souza closes her eyes as a quarter horse named Rio carries her to a tranquil, peaceful place she has rarely visited.

Souza spent decades walled off emotionally after being sexually abused as a teenage soldier. She never formed a loving relationship, and she spoke only sparingly. But from that dark, bleak world, she has emerged to find a place of trust, and accomplishment, and the simple joy of working with a large, strong, patient animal.

Souza is one of several female veterans who exhale and relax once a week at the BINA Farm Center, where they learn basic horsemanship and riding skills…

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This guy really does his best to debunk this possible bigfoot film, but I’m not buying into his deal with the cloaking being leaves. At this point in time, I think this video is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence for something strange, perhaps beyond our present understanding, but it doesn’t seem like a standard bigfoot to me, something far more different…

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bigfoot cloaking

I don’t know if it’s just the music or what, but Barb just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Did Barb and Gabby really witness a “cloaking” Bigfoot? Or was it an anomaly? The scary music in this breakdown makes all things possible:

Remember the movie Predator? The cloaking alien …? Well, a lady named Barb may have actually filmed a Bigfoot “cloaking.” It’s weird. Let’s take a closer look.

***Update*** The camera with the “ghosting” issue WAS NOT the original camera Barbara used to film her Cloaking Bigfoot. Big thanks to Larry Seiple for making me aware of that.

Published on Sep 18, 2014

We had one outstanding event during our camp out. Three witnesses had two sightings. One sighting was caught on camera. And, we found multiple footprints, the next day, while examining the path it took. The problem is, what was captured…

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We needed a “great father” when clearly we made so many terrible mistakes. Perhaps it won’t hurt so bad to grow up…

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There are far greater things in heaven and on earth than we could ever begin to comprehend.  We’ve been suppressed in so many ways, on so many levels, by others, but most clearly by ourselves, but that can all change.  Taking back our power is not an impossible idea, in fact, it may well be the solution for humanity.

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Always question authority… We’ve given our power away. Our numbers are great! Our collective consciousness is our greatest tool to begin to take back what has been so grievously taken from us…

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Another war, more lives lost, and people still go hungry.  People go without.  Not just in America, but all over the world.  And these atrocities are right in our face, as we look away.  There is no need for hunger anymore.  No need for bombs and war.  It is time to give up all our trappings of problems, lack and violence.  There is no arbitrary reason to bow down to any authority. Everything is within our own choice.  There is no honor in killing and suffering.  Not in this great time.  We do not need permission from any governing body to evolve and transition into a better reality.  It is within our power right now.  We carelessly give our respect to thieves.  They will deprive us of our very humanity, if we allow it.

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You do not “let” me do anything! I do not need permission to be free!

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There is much talking to do, but now is the time to move forward, into a transition to something that really serves us.

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Amazing time…

Protect Vital Force!

When you begin to sift through all the layers of conditioning, prescriptions, programming, and poisons, you begin to see all the stupid stuff…  we are afflicted by a virus that has attacked our consciousness…  this artful video sorts out all the madness!

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