Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

It is in the wake of abandoning my blog position in an online social site, feeling a previous blog that chronicled daily events in my life had grown stale, that I embark on this newest and most ambitious of commitments, to create and write for a totally new blog.

I had to develop my theme or idea for the blog, and since lately I seem to be thinking a lot about altered states of consciousness, it seemed a perfect pretext to the blog.  But to pave the way for this somewhat serious subject matter, humor of the feline variety seems in order.

My new cat Spooky goes back to his bed whenever he needs comfort, and he kneads the blanket and puts his mouth to it.  When he goes into the zone like this, it truly becomes an altered state of consciousness for him.  He clearly goes wherever innocent housecats go when they need to revisit nirvana.

I can only assume at this point that our own quest for understanding, satisfaction, and contentment leads us down similar roads.  No, I don’t usually suck on my blankie, but I sincerely identify with Spooky’s need to reach an altered state.  It is my interest in the human condition, not the least of which is our dedicated search for these altered states, and a recognition and awareness of these states, that will be the sum part and parcel of my blog.


Comments on: "Observations of Altered Feline States" (1)

  1. Greetings to my new readers! This is a new blog. Please excuse the construction… hehe

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