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Hi Folks, my name is Abigale, and I am the oldest farm dog, rat terrier, in residence at the farm.  Mom takes care of me, but Jim is my man.  I adore Jim.  I live for Jim.  I thought I should write something here since Mom is too busy growing plants to do it…   We have a new friend that comes around sometimes now, his name is Steve and he is thirty years old.  Mom says he is just a kid.  hahaha   He has two big labrador dogs, Coco and Solace.  Our big dogs Biscuit and Summer aren’t impressed.  Biscuit doesn’t act very nice at all when they are here…

There was a major incident one day when Steve was here working on the rv trailer, he’s taking it apart and recycling all the parts, but one day he was busy inside, and all of a sudden, he came flying out of there, a huge red wasp chasing him.  He landed almost on top of Summer who then started chasing him and pulled his jeans and left a mark on his ankle…  he was yelling and carrying on so, he ended up on top of a metal shed nearby, with Summer and Jim at his heels.   What a site that was….

Steve wants to help Mom and Jim build an organic garden out of the farm, so Mom is busy growing all kinds of vegies.  She just planted some heirloom lettuce and some heirloom cherry tomatoes, and also some spinach.  She is also growing some cucumbers, some herbs, and she has three tomato plants in pots.  She refuses to plant anything directly in the ground because we have leafcutter ants here, the Texas kind.  She won’t put bad chemicals into the ground to kill them, because she doesn’t want to hurt the birds that live here.

Mom wanted chickens here, not just for the eggs, but mainly to see if they would eat some of these pesky nasty grasshoppers.  One night my husband/friend Jerry (also rat terrier) was struck by something very mean outdoors while he was trying to relieve himself.  He didn’t even cry out, but when Mom let him back in, his back leg had already started to swell.  So she saw that right away, and looked for the wound.  We’re not sure it was a snake, although it probably was.  It could have been a scorpion that Jim saw around the porch earlier.  Old Jerry can’t see hardly at all anymore, so it must have just creeped up on him, poor guy…

My sister Cleo is not feeling well these days.  Jim fed us bites when we were younger that Mom thinks damaged our teeth.  Cleo needs to have her teeth professionally cleaned, but Mom is swamped with bills right now, just to save the farm, so she will probably work on Cleo herself, which we Really Hate, Doctor Mom time… yuk…..

So that’s about it, Mom went to the doctor yesterday and told him she was taking two months off from tests, and other doctor things, so she could enjoy her summer.  She promised him that in the fall she would make all the appointments for all the poking and prodding she hates so much.  Poor Mom.  Even Mom has a doctor —- …. hahahahahah.

We hope everyone is having a great summer so far, we hope your gardens look perfect and beautiful, and that everyone takes a couple of months off from stress, and worries, no problems, no concerns, just wake every day to another glorious summer day.  Mom wear shorts and her bathing suit sometimes…  it’s really funny….   (sorry Mom)…

Myself, I’m just waiting for the chickens to come…  they don’t know it yet, but I can’t wait to chase those big creepy birds around the yard!  hahahahaha, oh, yes, and Mom wants me to tell you “sorry, no pics…”  she has to go to Mr. Moon at the Radio place, and buy a new battery for her camera.  She says Everything costs Sooooo Much these days…..   I tell her, chickens don’t…..    🙂  bye for now, Abigale at the farm


Comments on: "Farm News Update from Critters in Residence" (2)

  1. Chancy and Mumsy said:

    The garden sounds nice and all that grows will be yummy, nothing like fresh veggies. Sorry about Jerry’s leg, hope it heals quickly. We enjoyed reading your post. Hugs and nose kisses

  2. Hey you two! Really so glad to meet you! I was hopping around reading things, and ran across your “Chancy” which immediately reminded of Shirley MacLaine, so I had to read, and it was soooo cute to see the real Chancy surrounded by bright pink flowers on your heading…. you guys are wonderful! Again, really glad to meet you! Cissy in Texas

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