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Anti-Gravity Technology

I just saw a magnet take 8 seconds to fall through a simple four foot long copper pipe.  This is anti-gravity folks.  Some guy, just out on his back porch, is trying to show the world that this technology has been around for centuries on Earth.  I hope I don’t disappear for saying this, and I’m not scared if I do.  I am just a simple old woman that wants to know the truth before I die.  We are all such darling little creatures, so kind and so gentle, only wanting to raise our families in peace, have enough to eat, you know the drill, and all along, there were components in play that have been controlling the masses, keeping us calm and quiet with their drugs and their fake foods to make us sick, it looks like we are just some sick experiment, and the clues and the answers have been all around us for eons.  Beings from somewhere besides our Earth have been here long before recorded history evidently.  And our US government has known about it for a good long while.  Nobody has wanted the “silent masses” to have this information.  And this is just the very tip of the iceberg.  The implications for the world are almost incomprehensible.  I am no great thinker, I am just one tiny simple person, but maybe put us all together, finally, with the real truth, and we might have a chance.  I urge you to go to YOUTUBE and check out KilluminatiTheMovie and see for yourself.  There are hundreds of links and videos, I’m just starting to see.  Apparently, I’ve lived most of my life like an idiot.

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  1. Love this post. Now, only if more of my friends felt this way. But you are no idiot, no! Most of us have been ‘guided’ or better yet, misdirected [or dare we say, brainwashed?] into our current thought processes. Don’t blame yourself! It is important to see what ‘they’ have in fact done to us, for that is how we can get around to learning how the system works, and how to avoid the traps they set.

    Those Killuminati videos are outstanding by the way! To finalize,, not sure how much you know, but anti-gravity is barely the tip of the iceberg. Am afraid that the cover ups go far wider and stretch farther than most can imagine. Although, it seems you’re on the right track and are already farther ahead than most out there!

    Keep your head up, and never stop asking questions. That’s the only way to get to what’s the truth in these deceitful times. Take care Cissy!

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