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Evil Beyond Recognition

What made me think of it, was the phrase “Let’s Roll.”  It reminded me of a first awareness of the gravity and depth of the thing.  Hearing the story for the first time, of the frightening ordeal than ensued in an aircraft most likely headed for The White House, was a personal moment of change for me.  Reading the story of the wives and partners of the heroes aboard that particular plane, as they received cell phone transmissions, will forever be a great part of who I am and what I can never forget.

I was just an at-home internet marketer at the time, making some unbelievable money for what I was doing:  providing advertising to people in the medical field.  It was early in the morning, before work.  It was like something was pulling me… telling me to reach up and turn on the radio.  It was then that I first heard the words “plane into the building.”

I also remember the day President Kennedy was shot and killed in plain view for all of Dallas and the world, as he rode in a “motorcade” beside his lovely wife.  In hindsight, I now realize that this particular man was a genius, rather a gem in the world of politicians.  President Kennedy was a true leader of men, authentic, and caring, who believed in the rights of all men.  So he passed over in a most violent and brutal way.  Even for a tiny girl in the second grade, it is not something you will ever forget.  American Tragedy and Betrayal.  It is true of many, many Americans.

And so, such was the day I raced across the sand to the Office Trailer, flung open the door and announced to Jim that something was really wrong.  Bad wrong.  I repeated the words “Plane into the building” and was blurting out words faster than I could think…  “Don’t know where it’s happening!!!  Just heard it on the radio!”

The next two hours were spent in silent shock as we both sat and stared at the CNN News Alert, broadcast live of course, when the second plane hit the other tower.  Soon after that Jim left, going back to the office.  I stayed on watching, all day in fact.  Saw one Tower go down, then the other, in real time.  Sat shaking, trying to take it all in.  Thinking that this could not possibly be happening.  Where were the fighter jets, surely ready to go at a moment’s notice, ready to intercept precisely at such a national crisis?  Right then and right there, I was shaking my head, thinking “What’s wrong with this picture!!!???”

I’ve since found a whole lot wrong with that picture, as have many.  Many people have been silenced that first found their voice in these first moments of shock.  I have a friend, actually a business acquaintance, whom I highly respect, who for all practical purposes to a relative stranger such as myself, aside from the www, has disappeared.  I have left several attempts to contact her, and no answer back.  It really concerns me now, as she showed excessive bravery and uncommon journalistic excellence.  My heart is indeed heavy tonight as I continue to wonder where she is.

But now I stray too far from the point, which is the reason for my little tribute to the innocent victims of fate beyond their imagination or control, a day that should have opened all our eyes immediately, but was too impossible to bear.  Yes, what had the most impact on me, moving past events of that unspeakable day more than a decade ago, to now, was the words, perhaps the final words, “Let’s roll.”  Then silence on the other end, and the phone goes dead.  That’s the main thing I think of, the uncommon Valour, present in the hearts of good men, ready to right a wrong, not hesitating to take control of a very bad situation, at any cost…

I wonder where those guys are today.  No doubt looking down on their kids, left behind, but still loved totally, nonetheless.  Fulfilling their own personal destinies, at just the right time and in just the right moment, as it was always planned.  Now, like so many other Americans, I often think after an especially bold move on my part, if I do say so, “that’s just How We Roll!”  Words immortalized when an otherwise unspeakable day found its redemption in the words of an unlikely hero.

In tribute to all brave men and women of America, that fight every single day for right, who risk their lives to do that job, the quiet heroes that are the life-blood without which we’d all perish, I fear…  I make this humble post to my blog, in memory of a September over a decade ago now, when the odd and evil plans of some heretofore unknown entity took root and forever changed all of the lives of America’s people, from the Heart of Texas all the way back up to the beautiful people who must still live the unthinkable, on so many levels.

I’ll end this post by saying again, “there is no room for Nuclear in our world!”  We are clumsy and far too primitive to be trusted with such knowledge.  It is high time that all of us look the evil squarely in the eyes, as we have to, and see it clearly as the deceiver, the weaver of lies and total disregard for the sanctity of human life.  We are fast approaching the point of “critical mass” as I see it.  Simplistic, perhaps, but true.  It will be up to each and every one of us, individually, to be clear in our understanding, that no more will such lunacy, such depravity, be accepted on any terms.

It really no more matters who and why, but only that it is!!!  And much like the classic armageddon movie plots, we are finding ourselves standing in the crossroads, time to choose whether to remain complacent and quiet in the face of more dysfunction in our society, or to choose the higher road, to effect positive change, to be the change we want to see, to coin a phrase…   A friend and business acquaintance of mine recently quoted for me:  “It’s not good to stand in the middle of the road…  you can get hit by both sides of traffic.”  I draw the comparison by saying:  “Don’t just stand there!!!  Do something!”

Good night kind and innocent girl, whose husband died on that day, that he might save so many more.  He was a real and true hero and leader of men, of which you can be forever and unendingly proud.  Out of all the chaos, you can always look for that one bright light to shine forth, and that day it was in the form of two sparkling eyes, ready to do what had to be done, thus fulfilling their own true destiny.  God bless us all.  “Forgive them, for they know not what they do.”


Comments on: "Evil Beyond Recognition" (2)

  1. Thanks for the powerful reminder cissyblue. You’re right…we cannot be trusted. This is an unprecedented time I our history–we have more weaponry and technology than we could ever need, but no maturity. We’re like a bunch of teenagers with the keys to a Lamborgini. In fact I just wrote a piece on gun violence in the US if you’re interested http://servingothersblog.com/2012/08/26/hey-america-are-you-tired-of-killing-each-other-yet/

  2. This is such a powerful post, and truly it was a day when the earth stood still. We live just outside of DC and what I’ll never forget is how quiet the world became. Not a single sound..for hours…It was really strange. Such a shocking time.

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