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can you hear me?

looking for permanent resident(s)

looking for permanent resident(s)

Over the past few hours, I’ve made several posts in the local places, but I want to try here…

Somewhere in this world, is a young man or young woman, or both, who feel lost like their wheels are turning and turning but going nowhere…

I do not have many answers, but a few… I do not have much money, but enough is enough. What I do have is great vision, abilities, and hope. And a little land.

This land is divided into two parts. There is a mobile home on my side, but to have a nice little home/cabin on the other side will take some design, vision, determination and love… trust… believing in things meant to be…

Surely somewhere in this world is a person who dreams of the opportunity to have a “real” family, for I have none. I have worked all my young life to have this place, only to be growing older quickly, and wondering what will happen after my time is up…

I love all people, all animals, growing plants, sharing, but I do have depression that I fight with a lot. No meds anymore, not my thing. Walking a more spiritual path, a sacred path, in earnest… Only thing that happens when I get depressed is I get sad, go in my room, or go for a long walk down the backroad with puppies, dream is someday to RIDE my MUSTANG, or walk him down the backroad….

If you want to have a horse where you live, it could happen here. I need help with fence work. We need to work on creating a beautiful little farm…. “what can you see, on the horizon…?”

When I was in my late 20’s and into 30’s I would have been so grateful for such an opportunity. Nothing is easy or perfect, that is worth having… true…

I have great vision, some resource, but I need encouragement, strong arms, willing hearts… home base… jumping off place for most anything, go anywhere…

wish to be healthy, live healthy, help others do the same…. we have land, some things in place to get started… a young couple that isn’t afraid to believe in miracles, a young man that just wants his “own” place, show me how badly…

A girl that needs animals in her life, out of the city, but close enough too. A girl that is a warrior for peace, can use her arms, her body, and her heart…
I have a few followers now, that read what I post… I have a couple of dreams that I will never give up on…. but I know when it is time to ask for help… That time is now. Please repost this, tell your friends, ask questions, write me, I have posted a farm ad on GrowFood.org also – trying local Craigslist – posted in several categories. No real expectations anymore, just open to what comes…

I need time to write, so I can generate some funds to make this dream a reality. I also want to play music again and I’m looking for a student… someone willing to learn from keyboard… or someone just wanting to jam/play sometimes….

I have long dreamed of an artist colony, where people can have their own little cabins/studios – free range chickens, maybe some goats, but ultimate goal would be 501 non-profit to help unwanted animals as well. Not sure how much more time I really have… would entertain all inquiries… please no mean people, only kind and careful… as I will be…

thank you for reading this and for passing it on… it will only take that one right person for lots of good things to come to fruition, I just want to share… and hope for a hand-up in exchange, when possible… must love dogs… cats… horses… need to own some kind of truck/vehicle – very close to Austin. I need time to do the things I want to do now, so someone else can grab the ball and run with it… ? ? ? Not Easy Street, far from it, and we’d need some miracles more than likely, but I do believe that this is a legitimate path to investigate…

Sometimes we just have to have some faith, trust in our Maker, to know where to turn, how to look ahead… this is just my attempt, again… are you there? are you listening? do you know of a good person that just needs a break? am one, looking for same… have a good week people… do some good out there… 🙂 thank you for your time and kind consideration and may you be Blessed in All Things, God willing… please, I ask with all humility, to re-post for me….


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  1. Hope you’re able to find someone that is a perfect match. Good luck!

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