Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

Nora Jones and the Foo Fighters are singing a sublime melody… “heaven surrounding you…”

Today is the final nail in the coffin of a terrible man. His wicked life included trapping neighborhood cats and effectively torturing them and killing them. He finally picked the wrong one.

Today in Court, the Bastrop County Courthouse will be solemn as the Judge in this man’s long awaited trial will finally deliver a verdict in the case. The little orange tabby cat, whose “Mom” said he reminded her of Garfield, little Moody the cat, now affectionately known as Moody Blues by his supporters… he may have his justice after all. A lot of emotion here, and yes this is life as we know it, and bad things do happen. But when people like this poor sad broken man and his wife, are ever going to be stopped, we have to step-up, all of us. We cannot be afraid to use our voice to be heard over the clamor of the slowly grinding wheels of justice. I truly believe this could have gone in a completely different direction if animal lovers in the US had not come to bat for Moody.

This includes a very lovely woman named Audie. She caught my heart the second we communicated. Some people in this world are just unselfish, they do not even consider themselves. They see a problem and they find the time, they take the time, and they do whatever necessary to right a wrong, as best they can. This is Miss Audie. She lives far far away from Tejas but she worked nite and day now for a year or more. I just met her in the last month and I joined her in trying to get awareness to this trial.

Every generation has its own set of issues and problems and this time is no exception. Even more critical, in so many ways, our young people have so much to face and correct. But I do believe that there are perfect people like Audie, who set the standard, they keep us right. She is the very foundation of kindness and caring that will keep the playing field level, so that when our kids have their day to fight, they will know how. The future is not sacrificed, no not at all… A new perspective maybe, is all we needed.

This very special morning as the trial is in full swing, I am at home, listening to my “morning music playlist” and I’m holding Moody’s heart in my hand. We all pass, this is true. But it should be in God’s time, not by the hand of a monster. I think God stands behind us all, when we must take matters into hand, and eliminate the broken from ever harming again. Thankfully, I do believe today is one of those days. It doesn’t make anything better really, but maybe for the precious family that loved Moody, the two little girls that aren’t sure about a heaven anymore, maybe their mother can sit them down once again and try to explain that the very bad man who hurt Moody is now going to jail and he will not be allowed to hurt any more cats like Moody ever again. Then maybe the little babies can find some sense of understanding, for that we can only pray.

God bless you Moody the cat, and all the other untold kitties that also saw the same fate. Maybe today, maybe this morning is truly a better day, and I am filled with emotion as I face this day knowing that indeed there can be justice, when people are not afraid of bullies and everyone stands strong together. This is now a beautiful story, that should be told over and over, and Moody will live on, in the hearts of us all, to infinity and beyond! Peace, my friends, Peace! Thank you Miss Audie for being the beautiful person that you are. Thank you people that are not afraid to stand up for right, even when it seems almost impossible to achieve. We never give up and we never give in.

"nothing like a nice warm catbath"

I know, it looks gritty and dirty, but it’s heaven!…”


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