Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

Imperialism in America


link: Imperialism in America

“Never in the history of the world have the means for imparting information been conducted on such an extensive and magnificent scale as at the present time;  yet never have the masses been more ignorant of their real condition, or more mystified as to the real cause of their afflictions.  Distracted by misfortune, blinded by prejudice, disheartened and bewildered, they are an easy prey to the demagogue whose profession it is to mislead and entrap them in political snares. 

But blinded by party prejudice, or unacquainted with the methods of political tricksters, they are easily deceived and led to act or vote in direct opposition to their own interests and judgment.  The intelligence of the people is the only safeguard of liberty, and if through these pages one ray of light or hope shall be given to the distressed millions of my country.

There is no…

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