Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

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A cardiac surgeon admits the medical machine erred in heart healthy diets, that the very food recommended is killing thousands every year. In addition, studies show that processed foods further the problem by leaving their toxins in our bodies. Furthermore, he says that cholesterol in the blood is not the cause of heart disease.

Psychiatry is a false science laying blame on parents (mostly mothers), big or weak egos, lack of self-worth, etc. They assign code numbers to our sorrow and fears, load us with drugs and live off our income. What if “mental illness” is due to a combination of toxic substances found in our foods, water, air, required vaccines, prescription drugs passed out like candy? Add to that, our inability to understand our spirituality, our unsatisfied longing to know the meaning of life, a lack of closeness to our Creator, a society that does not support our spiritual…

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