Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

It is beautiful outside… the leaves are all full and green…  watering at least once a day with rains every so often…  I know it will be a very beautiful sky tonight.  Wherever you sit, you can see all kinds of life, big and small, all carrying on, in normal fashion.  I am the big giant they must watch out for.  And I am the giant who becomes furious that some thief came in the night twice and took all of my dill leaves, and I am left with nothing but a stripped stalk.  They didn’t care for the mints…  Someday there will be something there, like a nocturnal bird, who will eat them, every one…  everything seems to go to sleep… it’s kind of funny, even fish sleep… really!  These bandits have stripped my poor rose bush as well, she is in shock, with nothing but bare stalks. I have two beautiful big round rosey red tomatoes almost ready to be picked and these are mine, all mine! Today, I have saved the lives of three little orphaned kittens and one female terrier or mountain feist, who is totally beautiful and amazing and they are all doing great. We got to go see the vet today, and everyone is going to be fine.  Can’t save the whole world, but you can save innocent creatures one at a time…. Tonight I will make mint tea with St. John’s Wort flowers… and watch the sky for something amazing…  And my sweet animals will play in the fresh green grass!  Peace, my world…  I love you all so much!  



Comments on: "Midsummer by any other name…" (4)

  1. Sweet post Cissy I love you!!! You are a light in this really dark world and a human angel helping these animals.

  2. How beautiful about your new little family. If I were closer, I could keep an eye on your garden since I’m nocturnal! I’m wondering if you’re too far east to get the monsoon that the SW does (you mentioned rain). It’s thundering right now with flashes of lightening and the sky is ominous (and my body hurts more!). Where is my desert that I so desperately need?
    It seems like we never had our hot summer this year aside from a few days of 120 F. Global warming!
    Take care, Cissy… You are good people.

    • Living in any “desert” is always magical to me. If you want true peace and space, that is the way to go! I believe I am living in the desert here in Texas anyway. Anything more extreme would not be easy. This is most difficult. I read all sorts of beautiful blogs by gardeners hoping to find a growing nirvana calling my name. Have a good week!

      • I actually prefer the desert, despite needing it for my achy body. I just hate the SW cities. I come from Seattle, so I had nearly 30 years of forests and rain and gloom.

        Have a good week, too. We have the vet oncologist this week, so not looking forward to it. I already know the prognosis is not good, but hoping for a miracle. ❤

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