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Change is hard sometimes…

I live in central Texas. I come from east Texas. Knowing the people here, I feel qualified to speak on some things. I see a lot of very scared people. People on edge, people stressed out, overwhelmed, overworked, underpaid, unappreciated, all of it. Same people are probably working while on multiple medications, see it all the time. The vast majority are not being seen by any physician, much less a psyche doc.

I am not an extremely bright person, nor totally educated in all things. But back me into a corner and you will be quickly dispatched. I am not a mean person. I never want to upset people. I think speaking the truth, opening eyes, getting reality a little better into focus is mandatory. It’s how we will survive all the chaos and corruption.

What I see is a lot of very scared people who refuse to change. They do not want change. They are comfortable with whatever bones get thrown to them. They keep their head down, they don’t talk to people, their families are extremely tight and closed off, and it is all borne of fear. I suspect inside many homes you would find dysfunction on a tangible scale.

The whole world is off kilter, things have been disclosed that no one was ready for, things of true science fiction really… We are just humble cave men after all, just trying to survive in a world gone mad, basically… And every time some brave soul stands up and tries to speak, tries to make sense of the insanity, there are always those scared angry people who will attack them, just to avoid change. It is so very sad. It is hard for me to grasp.

It seems to me that being ignorant is not good. Sure, you get your bubble burst, no doubt. Whatever it is that you depend on, that makes your world tick, is probably a hopeless joke that you keep perpetuating out of fear of change. No one should have to suffer in this world. No one. There is no excuse anymore. None whatsoever. But ask someone to re-evaluate their way of life and you become the enemy.

I will tell you what the enemy is. It is money and this endless scramble to acquire more and more. The paper is worthless people! I know we still have to operate on a system, but the system needs total reform and we all know it. If it is true, the worst scenario, and it appears that it is, then why the hell wouldn’t everyone want to unite, build community again, stop the stupid rat race and build a better world? I can’t answer that. I guess they don’t want change.

Change is going to happen, in all things, whether we want it or not. Why not be a part of the design? Why not lend your talents and expertise wherever possible to assist in the process… Because sometimes when you do, it rocks too many boats. Especially if you don’t have multiple letters following your name. I am not a vet. I am not a doctor. How dare I have ideas or opinions on how things are messed up. I am not a politician either. There are so many times when I wish I was… hahaha

A new kind of leader is what we need. Someone who will not be bought. Someone who sees that celebrity, excess, and the trappings of the elite are the very problem. I wanted to help in my community. The animal shelter here is bursting and animals are being killed regularly to make room for new ones. They are all sick, the saddest of the sad. And after they are “property” of the shelter they are ruthlessly injected and given vaccines through the nose, blanket all-around anti-biotics for all… with only one retired old man vet to come in once a week to make sense of it all. When I told the rescue ladies that my two foster kittens were close to dying the third day after they were given rabies and feline leukemia injections, they totally ganged up on me. I was again given the same schpeel about how vaccines save so many lives. All I was saying is that each individual animal should be evaluated first, for age, health, weight, etc. No blanket protocols. And now I am the enemy, and one lady threatened to take back my kittens as they were still property of the shelter. I did everything they asked of me. I am appalled… I wonder what is being hidden. Could they be pushing all these multiple drugs and injections on the animals in an attempt to create revenue for the shelter? Is that the only source of funds?

When you can’t make a little sense in your own community, how can we expect to make sense for the whole country. We’ve been duped my friends, in so many ways. Each and every one of us is to blame. Complacency did this to us.

I’m pretty sure that every time someone tries to make changes, there will be someone who will shoot them down. I will venture so far as to say that when someone tries to point out a problem, many times people will rush to defend the old ways, even if they are morally wrong and no longer serve a purpose in the big picture. I do not understand that closed-minded way of thinking. Never did.

All I’ve got to say is wake up people. It’s all changing. For better or for worse, we will all see it. And I am suspecting that things can and will get a lot worse before the game even begins. Why can’t even the stubborn people of Texas embrace compassion and good common sense? We are all together in this raging sea of madness… Isn’t it time to find some common ground, some true leaders before it’s too late? I only pray… Goodness and mercy shall follow you all the days of your life…

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