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It was a Good Day Today

I wish I could build a big dome.  One that would cover about one and one-half acres. I think that would be just about the right height in the center.  I would first build a prototype, and then look for investors.  This lends itself to so many other fields, like climate control, laying down the proper foundations, actually the plan could be modified at any time to add on another dome, like they have proposed for the first colony on Mars.  I’m pretty sure they already make these panels, and if they work on Mars, maybe they work here as well.  And if they are already working with greenspaces, (greenhouses in space), then certainly we can engineer simple models for our own use right now.  Truly, and we should all get this, seeds are as important a key to our survival as the air we breathe!  You can do everything on Earth right as a gardener, and if you aren’t working with good seeds, it won’t matter.  

In the greenhouse, temperature is everything.  More than anything throughout the summer growing season, shade from brutal rays is key, and of course maintaining something up to 15 degrees under 85 degrees F as much as possible. Clearly, plants are very particular about their temperatures.  By shading the plants, it will help cool the ground temps some, but other interventions should be used as well, like fans, ventilation, cultivating the soil around plants.  I am going to get some stick thermometers soon to use in testing the soils inside the greenhouse so I can learn. It will be trial and error but I’m much more attuned to solving problems before they get out of hand!  It’s a knowing thing!


Well, the lovely big tomato seeds I tried last year have failed again this year, so they’re toast! That’s not bad odds when you consider it.  What’s next, now?  Will go back to my seed stash and see what I feel like tackling now!  These herbs seem to be the most delicate of little things.  If you are going to be a gardener, you better get ready to embrace your tiny self!  Miniature is the deal!  You learn to breathe deeper, move slower, and exhale after you’re done!  haha


I think I’ll try that Aussie tomato I have.  I want to make some pots all ready to sprout two or three of them, so I can easily divide them later.  You leave the best one in the pot where she grows.  

I have some basil to plant.  I think I will concentrate on that for a bit.  It seems hardier than others to me, and perhaps it will be okay in the last days of freezing winter still ahead.  Normally, I would be confused by all this, but no more!  Texas weather is always changing.  This is the good part. Once things stabilize, it is most likely mid-summer heat like no other.  You have to be ready for that part and protect all your plants!  And that’s when grasshoppers start hopping out from every place! The plan this year is to have a little chicken army.  We have little to report on that front at this time, as plans have changed on location and design…  

So far, I need to decide where to put the pea patch and also start lighting the fire under the head chicken guy around here and see if I can motivate him.  May is the month that baby chicks come on sale at the feed stores, so that’s the deadline I’m looking at!  All part of the mini-eco-system I’m trying to build here…  

I played in the compost pile today.  Felt like being a magician.  You put scraps over here, and then you can dig up beautiful fluffy dark soil.  The fragrant scent of good earth will boost your spirits and let’s you know, you’re on the right track!  Jim says there’s some worms in there, but I didn’t see any today.  I can tell we need some rain again, or I’ll be out there in the morning watering the compost pile.  Worms are important.  A very passionate gardener I just watched said that if you don’t have lots of worms, your garden is not very healthy!  

I was disappointed yesterday when I read that planting a seed from a grocery store orange will definitely not give you a plant bearing the same fruit.  (Funny, how they do that, right?)  Well, I should have known.  They said the fruit is likely to be much more tart, perhaps not as good.  I’ll go ahead and grow them, because it’s all I have for citrus right now, but I’ll wait until I can get a graft plant at the garden shop next time!  This is how you learn.

My onion is certainly the most healthy thing growing right now!  It was growing from a piece thrown into the compost, retrieved, cleaned and re-planted in a medium sized pot. The green shoots are growing fat and very healthy, robust and tall! They’d be good in a salad! I’ve never grown onions before.  


Nothing new on the aloe vera front.  We’ve already used more than is left growing. It is awaiting a re-plant into a much wider pot, doesn’t have to be deep.  We’re going to try to encourage as much underground shoot growth as possible!  We want those aloe babies.  Since it is still winter, I think this little aloe needs to rest a bit before the spring rush.  Probably will look for a way to get a few more shoots! Aloe is something I run to for so many things and every day I find something new it works great for.  If I had to run and grab only a couple of plants, I would definitely grab an aloe!  

Ok, then sod-busters!  haha  Remember Lucas McCain?  Anyway, y’all hava nice evening, and thanks for stoppin’ by!  Cissy 


Dire Words 2/19/14

Is it all not amazing???

My friend from Friesland told me a few months back that I am about ten years behind in coming to terms with all that is amiss in our world.  And after I did confront it, it took another year for me to digest it all.  Clearly all the info is coming in hard and fast now, and if you are one of the people that just sits back and maintains your own personal status quo and you never get involved on any level for change, then I say “Shame on You!”  I don’t have any kids, but sometimes I sit and wonder what I would do if I did.  Would I educate him or her in all this?  Would I encourage them to get involved and to make a difference?  Depending on their feelings of course, I WOULD!  If we don’t do that, if we don’t make our children aware and awake, what chance do they have?  What chance does the United States have?  What chance does the world have?  I guess if you are one of those that has all your seeds carefully stored in a vault, and a massive underground complex to flee to when it all hits, and you are prepared to live the rest of your days in perpetual darkness, never to see the sun again, and to know that everything, land, sea and air is dead, then perhaps if you have children underground, and they have children underground, and so on, for generations, if the Earth is still alive and not completely blown out of the universe, maybe they can emerge and re-claim what is left for a life.  The way I see it now, like Carlin said, “All you can do now is just live your life the best you can.” So that’s what I do. I have wonderful goals, I am living my dream, I am poor in this economic disaster of a country, but I am happy beyond measure to even be breathing, and for every tiny ray of sun that comes through my window.  My greatest hope is for some tangible unity of our people.  We have the means right here to communicate.  We have the means to educate.  If it becomes increasingly apparent that other life forms have come to our planet in the past, and are responsible for all the suffering in the US, and all the suffering destined to continue, then we can only hope that our genuine human influence and amazing spirit will prevail. Save and except for the Occupy Movement, Anonymous, Julian Assange, Snowden and so many others, we haven’t made enough progress. Living my best life includes writing like this, and trying to communicate for change.  We should all try to build a strong network of capable and intelligent friends around us, become unified in mind and resolve, and be willing to die for the cause.  I would say the Nun who broke into the nuclear facility with her buddies was ready to die. That’s radical activism.  And if the worst thing anyone ever called me was a radical activist, then that’s not so bad. Because I was fighting for right and for the children of the Earth. That said, it is better to live to fight another day, so for now, I will just continue on trying to network and meet good people and see where it all goes. But bet your bottom dollar, if I get called upon, or see the right opportunity, I will LEAP into action. Clearly, something in the near future is bound to occur, that is either really great and amazing, or the alternative.  I think that depends on us, every one.  Thanks for reading.  Cissy in Texas

Education, Spirituality and our Children

Supposing it is too late to radically improve the education of those over 30, let’s look at the little ones and what is happening to them. When I look back on my elementary education, all I truly remember are the fun things, like when my second grade teacher Mrs. Archibald, would read to us after lunch.  She always chose books that I related to totally.  Like The Boxcar Children.  

My point here, is that teaching must significantly connect with the minds and hearts of children for it to work. Of course, there are always extraordinary teachers and extraordinary students who can communicate and amazing achievements are borne of it.  But what about the kids, not unlike I was, that just can’t retain all the historical dates, war facts and such.  What would happen if the special talents and abilities of children were identified individually early on, so that their education could be tailored in such a fashion as to enhance these traits instead of squashing them.  

Perhaps it is the age-old question of the chicken and the egg.  Which must come first:  students that grow up to become amazing people, or the teachers required to make those students amazing.  The only things I know about education is what I received during my life through university days.  So it is fairly ridiculous for me to speak about education reform, yes?  Well, maybe not. Although at first, I was not totally understanding and agreeable with the concept of home schooling, it appears that this method of education has it’s place.  Perhaps the children raised in such a way will not be subjected to intense conditioning.  Perhaps their innate creative genius will be encouraged to such an extent that they can improve and evolve naturally into the person they were meant to.  

If education does not provide us with thoroughly alert and directed individuals, full of excitement and fresh for the chance to put their mark on the world, what in the devil is it doing anyway? Paying salaries, babysitting? I had a friend once, who was uncommonly clever and she finished University with a teaching certificate and began to teach 3rd grade in a major metropolitan city.  I feel in order for her to achieve that point in her career, she had to make concessions, and had to really strive to adhere to all the requirements, to be accepted and to graduate.  But after her assignment to the first school, her ideals changed drastically.  Fitting in with the other teachers and the administrators was not that easy anymore.  I am sure that whatever amazing talents she might have brought to the classroom were minimal in their effect due entirely to the dedicated cirriculum she was forced to strictly follow.  

Of course, a lesson plan, an overall goal of teaching is necessary.  I am just saying that perhaps there should be more individualized teaching scenarios, and that these cirricula need serious reform.  How is it that so many people grow up and can’t balance a checkbook? So many people grow up and don’t have a clue how to grow a potato.  How is it possible that so many people grow up and have absolutely no idea what to do with their lives? This does happen here in the United States quite often.  It produces minimum wage workers.  

Some people might be okay with that.  But I went from the 22nd floor of the Commerce Bank building to the inside of a convenience store just so I could understand it.  As hard as I might have worked, the minimum wage for uneducated people was sorely lacking.  Being that poor severely limited my ability to keep proper shelter, and normal things Americans come to expect. Not to mention that health care was non-existent.  That would also include dental.  

Now going back to the lawyers to work, I had insurance coverage.  But they heavily frowned on taking off work for doctor’s appointments.  Actually, ever leaving your work station was frowned upon.  So my 22nd floor job was little better than a minimum wage situation.  If you typed 110 wpm, they expected you to stay at your keyboard 8 plus hours a day and type 120 wpm, as you transcribe and draft legal documents.  Since I had a little snap, my attorneys just gave instructions, and not so much verbatim dictation, which was the only thing about it even tolerable to me.  

I propose to you that people can work and still maintain productive and joyful lives. This is where that “slave” term comes in.

It is my experience that feelings and needs change as often as the sun will rise and set each day.  I was just lucky that my teachers had instilled enough practical knowledge in me that I could go out as a very young woman and find gainful employment instead of being stuck at minimum wage.  I was a music major at University among some 12,000 others but did not graduate.  Truly for that, to be a musical performer or teacher, you need an entire entourage of encouraging and supportive people, or you won’t make it.  I did not have that.  I worked at the newspaper every evening until midnight or later typing classified ads, just to make rent and bills.  There was little time left for practicing or writing papers.  And when I would try to read my assignments, I would just fall asleep from exhaustion.  

Last summer, I made a good friend.  He is a teacher in Ottawa, Canada.  He spent his summer in a country in Africa, trying to teach the children there.  When I look back at his blogs and pics, I can see such a huge difference in the attitude of the people and the children.  They were keen to learn.  They wanted to be exposed to any and all of the good things to know.  I see children in the classrooms of America, so lacking in proper nutrition, and most likely dealing with stress far beyond their years… how is it even possible to produce independent thinkers from a situation like this?  

Maybe it takes a total breakdown of sorts in the system, for it to be built back properly into something that will produce healthy, intelligent people that can handle simple finances, people who can make tangible goals for their lives.  Maybe growing plants and understanding Botany will come back into the early classrooms. Perhaps Farm Management or even Household Management might be one idea, the earlier the better.  

Natural selection must be at play here, as only the really gifted kids emerged as doctors and critical thinkers. People don’t usually seem inclined to favor change, even when it might mean better living.  That is something I cannot begin to understand.  Watching mothers inside refugee camps in Africa, so hungry and watching their babies dying, I have often asked myself, “Why don’t they just get up and go somewhere else?”  Well, that was years ago, and now I see there is so much more to it than that.  

Maybe the minions of evil have succeeded to a large degree.  From my mother to me, both were cursed with a twisted spine.  If that isn’t a huge red flag, what does it take?  What animal on earth is found later in life with a curved and twisted spine? Only humans? Along with that malady, I also did not produce any children.  So effectively, this one American family has been reduced or actually stopped dramatically.  Due to the corporate gods that rule our country, the food we are offered in grocery stores has been stripped, modified, radiated and adulterated to the point that it can’t even be called food.  So many people go to work every single day without proper nutrition, stressed out, worried, exhausted, sleep-deprived and hungry.  Is it no wonder that 5 p.m. is insane?  

If I had it to do over, I might stay here.  But I would never eat anything without knowing exactly what it was.  Trust doesn’t figure in anymore.  I wouldn’t give my life over to any job, unless the owners of the company respected its people and treated them fairly.  The absolute only way you can ever do well in life, is to work for yourself, doing what makes you most happy and pleased.  Mothers as well as educators need to recognize the individual talents of the children they raise and encourage them to pursue the right path.  Truly, to register your child into public school, submit to all the vaccines, and then have absolutely no idea what is being said or taught to your child, this sort of thing can and should be changed or avoided altogether.  

How does one do that?  I heard a mother state recently that she would do anything for her child, whatever it took.  Well, if it takes moving out of the city to find some land to raise your children on, would you do that?  If it meant going to public meetings in your community to stay on top of lawmakers, would you do that?  If it means standing up to people who may not agree with you, would you do that?   If it meant hiring tutors or teaching them yourself, could you do it?  If it meant growing your own food instead of giving all your income to the grocery store, would you do it?  Could you do it?  

Education needs to have some personal aspect to it. In America, the children in daycares often find their first word is “Mine!”  How can we change that mind-set over to sharing and caring for others? If it requires spiritual teaching to do this, then I fear that the predominantly Christian schools and churches have failed miserably. Here’s what I will say:  if you have something, you can share. If you have breath, you can open your mouth and have your voice heard.  If you’ve been so beaten down over the years that you think you no longer have a voice or even want one, you simply must think again.  Complacency got us here, so determination will surely get us out again.  Just remember, you have the ability to create your own world.  We always did.  And if something bigger than us all can control our weather, cause tsunamis, and build Hadron colliders, surely we can stand up for our own health, education and welfare.  

Whatever “they” are doing or planning in space, we have no choice but to continue on living, the best we can.  Not as slaves to the dollar, not to pay off ridiculous stick houses that won’t even be here in a hundred years, but to be the amazing humans we were born to be.  Find your heart, and your spirituality, and then please, save the children!  It’s our only hope!

I Matter!

Minerals and Contrast

There is a little trick of intuition, magic or some cosmic interplay, where you can be coping with a particular issue or conflict, and in looking for some direction, one reaches for a book and upon opening it, finds himself reading the very answer to his dilemma. Every single time, well, three times I’ve been driven to such madness, the words that always greet me are like the first wave that you break on a new beach. New ground, for sure, but such joy at having been able to attain that small relic of understanding.

I never cease to be humbled, yet inspired, and usually left completely undone whenever the depth of wisdom Dr. Chopra shares with us breaks across the high volume barrage of input in my own head, and I come screaming back down to the softest petals of radiant bliss, when I trust what I think I already knew. I’m too focused on creating nirvana in the present moment to believe in true enlightenment… but if it is possible to catch even a glimpse, then there must surely be hope for the likes of mankind, even yet… He says if the cells of the body have intelligence, and they work together, how is it that evolved people cannot do as well?

The following text is taken from the Introduction by Dr. Deepak Chopra, to The Book of Secrets …Hidden Dimensions…

It comes down to the age-old choice of separateness or unity. Do you want to be fragmented, conflicted, torn between the eternal forces of darkness and light? Or do you want to step out of separation into wholeness? You are a creature who acts, thinks, and feels. Spirituality fuses these three into a single reality. Thinking doesn’t lord it over feeling; feeling doesn’t stubbornly resist the higher brain; doing occurs when both thought and feeling say, “This is right.” The one reality can be recognized because once you are there, you experience the flow of life without obstacles or resistance. In this flow, you encounter inspiration love, truth, beauty, and wisdom as natural aspects of existence. The one reality is spirit, and the surface of life is only a disguise with a thousand masks that keeps us from discovering what is real. A thousand years ago, such a statement would have met with no argument. Spirit was accepted everywhere as the true source of life. Today, we have to look with new eyes at the mystery of existence, for as proud children of science and reason, we have made ourselves the orphans of wisdom.

Dr. Sagan also speaks to us on this day, from almost any page you might choose, in The Pale Blue Dot. I do not think he would mind if I simply gave a quick message from his work, this fine book. His image of how very small humanity truly is when we finally see the bigger picture, is always front and center of every story he tells, or every scientific concept he explains. Dr. Sagan was such a wonderful human being in so many ways, it is a huge contrast to the very modest person of integrity that he was. These two gentlemen stand as true modern pioneers in every way, although as Dr. Sagan pointed out, in another eight hundred years,“…they might not even remember America.” That was a little harsh, Carl!

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