Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

The Insulate World

in the life and mind of an artist...

What is all this hoopla they speak of, this going inward, this different place…  Having gone there several times in earnest, and not finding it terribly different from present moment reality, I have come to realize a lack to delve inward reveals all manner of undisciplined and even repressed emotions.  No one dare speak their fears out loud, lest they might be forced to confront the monsters head-on, in the light of day…

What I can say with all certainty, is that the depth of understanding and total transcendence, even standing in the very portal of a dimensional shift of unknown results, is beyond any silly concerns of our own making.  We have become an insulate world.  How very ironic in light of the wide open doors of cyberspace.  There are no limits.  Why would anyone choose less?  I believe we have been totally disconnected.  And it is happening even…

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