Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

Energy. Soon perhaps, we will come to understand this word.

Creative by Nature

solar animating life

Does modern Western science provide support for the idea that there’s a spiritual energy field in our bodies? Eastern cultures have been aware of this “force” for thousands of years, it’s called prana (प्राण) in Hinduism, qi or chi (氣) in Chinese. In Eastern cultures spiritual practices – such as yoga, tai chi and chakra meditation – were developed to help people get their bodies, hearts and minds in tune with this dimension.

I believe that modern science provides support for the idea that this ” life force” is real, not fantasy. Some years ago I helped teach a middle school science class and drew this cartoon for the students, based on what we had studied together about biological and ecological systems. The textbook presented all this information in isolation about the function of various systems, but had not connected the knowledge all together. 

The students and I were amazed, from the perspective of…

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