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Protect Vital Force!

When you begin to sift through all the layers of conditioning, prescriptions, programming, and poisons, you begin to see all the stupid stuff…  we are afflicted by a virus that has attacked our consciousness…  this artful video sorts out all the madness!

Planting Bulbs: I’ve Learned a Thing or Two

Squirrels and flower bulbs. How to embrace them both?

Gardening Nirvana

spring bulbs This Year’s Bulb Lineup

Planting bulbs isn’t complicated. Keeping them under wraps till show-time is a whole different story.

Apparently most bulbs prove irresistible to squirrels. Three seasons later, I’ve learned a thing or two.

In the past, fall catalogs arrived brimming with the most beautiful bulbs imaginable. I let my imagination run amok, mentally placing  an order for 500 flowering bulbs in every shape and color. After tucking them into the earth, effortlessly and without two days of neck pain to follow, I would put my feet up and smile. Rounding out the fantasy, the following spring would arrive with the garden awash in yellow, purple and pink fragrant bulbs.

Ha! I crack myself up.

So, back to reality, I’ve learned to temper my expectations. A little reading on the various bulbs and corms revealed this useful nugget: squirrels do not like the smell or taste of daffodil bulbs. I planted…

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