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This guy really does his best to debunk this possible bigfoot film, but I’m not buying into his deal with the cloaking being leaves. At this point in time, I think this video is one of the most compelling pieces of evidence for something strange, perhaps beyond our present understanding, but it doesn’t seem like a standard bigfoot to me, something far more different…

Mission Galactic Freedom

bigfoot cloaking

I don’t know if it’s just the music or what, but Barb just made the hair on the back of my neck stand up. Did Barb and Gabby really witness a “cloaking” Bigfoot? Or was it an anomaly? The scary music in this breakdown makes all things possible:

Remember the movie Predator? The cloaking alien …? Well, a lady named Barb may have actually filmed a Bigfoot “cloaking.” It’s weird. Let’s take a closer look.

***Update*** The camera with the “ghosting” issue WAS NOT the original camera Barbara used to film her Cloaking Bigfoot. Big thanks to Larry Seiple for making me aware of that.

Published on Sep 18, 2014

We had one outstanding event during our camp out. Three witnesses had two sightings. One sighting was caught on camera. And, we found multiple footprints, the next day, while examining the path it took. The problem is, what was captured…

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