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Straight from the Horse's Heart

By Brian MacQuarrie | Globe Staff

In Norfolk, female veterans find strength through learning to ride and care for horses

Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff Veteran Eadyie Davis of Marlborough shared a quiet moment with therapy horse Creek. ~ Wendy Maeda/Globe Staff

NORFOLK — Feet in the stirrups, hands on the reins, Karen Souza closes her eyes as a quarter horse named Rio carries her to a tranquil, peaceful place she has rarely visited.

Souza spent decades walled off emotionally after being sexually abused as a teenage soldier. She never formed a loving relationship, and she spoke only sparingly. But from that dark, bleak world, she has emerged to find a place of trust, and accomplishment, and the simple joy of working with a large, strong, patient animal.

Souza is one of several female veterans who exhale and relax once a week at the BINA Farm Center, where they learn basic horsemanship and riding skills…

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Comments on: "Therapy Horses a Calming Influence on Veterans" (2)

  1. Hi Cissy, I’m ready to drop tonight, but will circle back and see what I’ve missed while I’ve been gone. I started here on this post to say ‘hello’, and of course, because there is a horsey critter in the picture—my weakness. Horses really are the best shrink a person can have. Magi sure did carry me through a many a dark day. I’ll see you out and about I hope. I’m renewing links. I was so overwhelmed, and isolated my e-mail address specifically to this blog. It messed up a lot of my links. So, I’m re-linking to be sure I get my stuff. TTYS, Be well, Marcy

    • HI MARCY! Oh my gosh, I never forgot about you and I have worried at times, because you are so amazing and smart, surely you were just very busy, so I knew someday you would come back around…. Hi Marcy! So very glad you are good and coming back to us. As a writer, I have always noticed your keen eye and wit! Sending you hugs, Cissy in Tejas

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