Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

Grasping Ascension

It’s becoming easy to see why so many people talk about ascension, and why it is so hard to understand in terms of everyday life. But then I don’t drink tap water, and haven’t for probably 15 years or more. I don’t watch tv and I don’t eat non-foods (poisons) and I am clean of prescription drugs, now for over two years. So many people like the status quo; they don’t want to “lose” their economic status. The idea of not having money or debt must terrify them. But then they don’t see all the starving animals and children in the world, right here in the United States.  So filled with hatred and fear, they do not care about those struggling people of other nations. Heck, we can’t even be kind to the closest neighbor to the south. Instead we build giant walls between us. That is why I am starting to understand the whole idea of ascension, finally.

There are incredible waves of energy hitting the earth now, hitting us, and many of my friends feel this too. But if you are bloated, congested, and still consuming foods and drinks that you know are killing you, and still making excuses for it, you aren’t going to embrace anything new, much less a better world for everybody. A world with no need for bogus money, much less bogus politicians – ALL. But every single day I run into the “redneck” mentality, for lack of a better word. People that despise anyone who speaks anything but English. Now I admit, it comes in all kinds of levels, like just night before last, my Hispanic neighbors were broadcasting some kind of “music” (I went to school for that stuff) that to the best of my abilities, I could only describe as totally “ALIEN”, “EVIL” WICKED” or possibly just insane. There was some kind of language being used, but I don’t think it was Spanish or any version thereof. And the tones behind the loud extremely fast almost incoherent voice were not like any music I’ve ever heard… IT was frightening to me beyond anything I can even describe. I had to keep myself from going to the fenceline and staring to see what the… was going on. But I told myself it wouldn’t last and that I could ignore it, and finally it stopped.

The people on the other side of my farm trap animals, pets in the neighborhood, with baited cages, set up in the night and left hidden during the day. So I know you and you, all of you, experience similar strange unhappy people. Very credible sources, say that people who are calm and able to think, will find themselves enhanced with new abilities. Those who are dark and basically evil, will become more so. And those who are psychotic will become more psychotic. Basically whatever you are inside, becomes amplified. It’s not hard to see, I mean, look around. How else can you explain the crazy stuff going on. People are going mad!

So what if there was a total data dump and everyone was finally able (forced) to see the reality of the game that’s been played. The elections in this country are not legit, not even close. The people who run our country do it in secret, far from anybody like us. They put up puppets so that we stay distracted, keep on drinking our beer, smoking our weed, and stay oblivious to the lies and deceptions. The elaborate hoaxes of the Kabal are crumbling around them as we speak. And they are freaking out, and they want to incite World War III immediately, involving all nations! China owns the US people. They could pull the rug out at any moment. I used to think the elite would force an economic collapse, but indeed that’s not it. They are afraid of it. And think what will happen if suddenly a vast majority of Americans who can still function cognitively, figure out that this money game is over. Fini. They will join with those of us who already know it’s a rigged game.

The secret government already knows who will be president. We could have already had free energy decades ago. But more and more fear will be brought down upon us on purpose in order to bring in some kind of savior, truly more control. And if the dumb-downed masses break out their guns and decide to fight about it, things could get real ugly. Thus ascension. Human beings have far more mental power than we were ever meant to know. So some people will be able to “rise” above all the ensuing chaos, and some will not.

But understand this. Fear and all that goes with that emotion, is what the controllers want. They feed off that stuff. They use it to control us. That and all the lies. Deception is creeping into everything. From these horrendous pictures of animal abuse and murder on the facebook to the ridiculous antics of this presidential campaign. I think Trump is having the time of his life. He loves the lime-light. He’s an entertainer and a narcissist. I’m convinced the woman is “altered” in some way. And the old guy is just trying his best, but he’ll never get it, and if he did, they would somehow render him useless very quick. Now I may go ahead and post this for a little while, and then I may freak out and delete it. The people who have studied ascension already know we are going to be challenged like no one expects or can even imagine. Did you guys think Snowden just went away? He didn’t. He is being funded and supported and all his work has been collated and is now ready to be given out, to all people, they call it the data dump. And when it happens we are going to fully realize the extent of the criminal element that has enslaved us now since the 30’s.

Yes I’m scared to post this, but I’m old, I’m nobody. There are tons of people much more influential than me, saying a lot more than this. You guys all heard Carlin’s memorable last speeches. I’ve been hungry these past two years. I’ve done without electricity, and the finer luxuries of life. And I’ve survived. But what about all the people who have no idea, what will they do when the lights go out, no tv, no refrigerator, no nothing. Game over. With a very easily made and deployed EMF bomb, your car won’t even start. Nobody wants to say these things, and nobody is talking about it. But the time is growing nearer, as we speak. I just saw one of my fb friends posting something like “would you fight if war was brought to this country, on our soil?” As if trying to incite this warrior mentality. That’s what the Muslims have people! My girl Bushra once said to me, “I’m going to raise warrior babies!” They WANT the fight. It is only those of us willing to be brave, be courageous and stand up for peace, that can bring the balance here. We need to do better than balance it, we have to overcome this pervasive insanity. I don’t want to end up in a FEMA camp, and I don’t want to shoot anybody either. When the money dumps, and everyone predicts it, it won’t freak me out one bit. I never had any anyway. The day the animal shelters are charging $300 and up for an unwanted stray dog, is the day somebody has to notice. My vet is now charging $250 an hour, so that means lawyers are probably charging $750 and up. I just have no idea. Personally, I hate money. I hate what it represents, and even more I hate to see young people enslaved with debt, all their lives, like we were. It’s not necessary. And whether or not you turn off your tv, whether or not you wish for something better, it’s coming. It won’t come easy, but it is definitely coming. Humanity has been the object of countless experiments over millions of years. Maybe it’s time to stop that nonsense and unite to build a kinder, saner world for all people. A world where babies don’t go hungry, and monsters don’t spray poisons in the water we drink. We better decide fast, because this world, and the United States, can’t take much more. Wildlife extinctions, loss of oceans, what does it take for us to wake up… And trust me when I say this, waking up is just the first tiny step into an entirely new reality. That’s why people don’t want to do it. But I like a challenge. I excel in a challenge. Good thing..


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