Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness


Daydream.  Shift.  Altered state.  Split.  Doorway.

When I could barely navigate the bare wooden floor, I flew.  Too young to speak evidently, I couldn’t tell them.  It usually happened early in the morning when she left me in the cage too long…  or at nap time, when I would go into that middle place, that zone of in-between.  Or at night when other things flew too.

I don’t remember ever leaving the house, or rather, the ceiling…  but it was fun to be free, to swish around the place like a flash of light…  I was a highly animated emotional kid.  I asked a lot of questions and got few answers.

Whenever things got really bad around there, bad sadness, deep darkness would come, and there became a void.  At an early age I developed the natural skill to step out, split the view, if you will.  My left eye was not training straight all the time.  At six, whenever I’d get tired, they’d say my eye “wandered.”  What I saw was a split screen image, which I could pull farther apart, and then travel over, to the softer more quiet place.  They didn’t like that.  I got in trouble a lot in class for staring out the window, daydreaming.


One day I was in  doctor’s office, the next, someone was forcing a horrible black rubber mask over my face, and the smell of rotten eggs was excruciating for a tiny child, and then they took me.  My little self woke up with a big white patch over my eye and it was hard to think or walk.

When you see a child or a person with a wandering eye, love them deeply.  They are truly special people.  Not retarded or slow, or deformed. They are gifted, and our ancestors knew it too.  Some tribes said they had the evil eye, and you were called a witch.  I still have it, they didn’t take it.  They altered my eye, but the brain is tenacious, and so is the soul. When I daydream, it is like stepping into a reality where my heart is strong, there is no fear, only love, and I can go anywhere, see anything, and know stuff too.  It’s just how far do you want to take it.  I’m a real light-weight… so far.


I read energies quite well.  People don’t like that usually.  They want their walls and their secrets.  But what if I told you there’s no longer any reason to do one damned thing you do not want to do.  Period.  That this is our time.  Want to meet me and go swimming?  I’m no shaman, but I know that’s possible.  In a way and a place beyond all the veils.

Tired of the struggle, then abandon it.  Reclaim your true place.


Everything we need was always here.  People that are born with no brain at all still think. Look at all the God-given abundance we have, meant to be shared.  Honor the dreamers, the truth-seekers and the ones standing out on the high places alone.  Watch for them!  ♡

Now, hit the red button, close your eyes, and find me.  Find me.  ☆☆☆


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    Imagine standing on the bow of a doubtful craft under full sail, through unchartered waters in the dark.

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