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Health Education is Simple

Here is a video of a man named John Bergman. He has many available on the YouTube. He is one of many modern-day pioneers who are excitedly forging a new age of healing and medicine in our western societies.

Here is an insert from a post to my facebook page.

He boils it down, this guy, if you take medications from a doctor, these pills are doing either one of three things, and long-term, none of them good. Once again, another actually intelligent healer (isn’t that what doctors are supposed to be?) makes sense of the overwhelming loss of good health in our country. But as bad as it sounds, he also gives us very easy to understand techniques to use for re-building our bodies AND minds! Good stuff! My roommate won’t even look at things I send him. Right now he’s laying on his bed in a dark room holding his hands, clearly in pain. He’s had three back surgeries, on multiple meds, and I can tell you exactly what’s wrong with him. A LIFETIME of stress. His body is so tight, and he’s bombarded it with so many bad things, instead of trying to heal the problems, he just shuts down. So sad. If you take any kind of medicine for blood pressure, cholesterol, depression or anything else, you need to understand that you will never feel better until you clean it all up. Re-invent yourself and your lifestyle. By watching that vid I just learned that by exercising you can actually improve the elasticity or quality of your brain function!

Let’s say you’re like my old pal. You made some mistakes with your health but now you live with someone vitally interested in reversing all the damage Americans have sustained over the past 50 years. She reads, she makes notes, she learns, she experiments with whole foods and supplements and she does everything she possibly can to bring about positive change. At the age of 60, would you listen sometimes, ask questions, or would you just lie there with a terrible face on, and just deal with the pain?

That my friends, is suffering. It is true that many Buddhist teachings and precepts provide great zen reflections for life. Leaning a lot more toward the outrageously scandalous controversial teachings of Teal Scott, perhaps suffering is not necessary. Get over it people. Whatever your deal is, you chose it and if you don’t like it, you can fix it. No one else can. They can help and they can guide, but if you want to suffer, and that’s all you focus on, then that’s what you’ll do.

Getting older is a bit of an ordeal, no doubt, but like all things in this life, we’ve got a heads up these days, so we can prepare for it. When you don’t feed the body properly, when you don’t move it about and do work that you enjoy and love, when you don’t live every day like it is a precious gift, then apparently this is the result. So sad.

It’s a beautiful day. I wish I was packing up a basket to take out to the lake. Maybe I’ll just have to have my own personal picnic outside in the yard.

Please, if you don’t feel good today, or you have issues you can’t seem to solve, just start with yourself. When I was in my early 40’s I had to totally change my career and stop the commute and go home, or die early. This month I will see birthday number 59! That’s pretty amazing! Still don’t have my horses yet, no donkeys yet, no chickens yet, and I’ve got to put this down right now and go work in the compost pile!

Today just count how many times you find yourself doing something you really don’t want to do, really shouldn’t be doing, or know emphatically that it is hurting people, animals and the planet. It might shock you. Change is not easy but it is the most rewarding process a human can create!

"the road ahead"

Visualize, Realize

Being ever so blessed, I am compelled to write of my abundance. What am I talking about? The endless possibilities.

Patience seems again to be the lesson of the day. And hard work. Not being afraid to strain a little, break a sweat…

The interesting thing is that it’s all about the little things you can accomplish each and every day, that add up. Over time, you can look back over things, and go “wow, that’s really beautiful.”

Even though I feel like there should be more growing at this point, it is important to remember that one of the hard and fast rules of life is that you have to start somewhere. Even if it means the most teeny tiny of seeds, making the most miniscule of green seedlings. You have to learn to understand what it is they need, and provide it. Sort of a blending of energies, so to speak.

I put together two herb pots right by the front steps, and I must say, they are lovely. Little sprigs of this and that, one dedicated just for mints. This one does have a tiny sprig of chives that looks especially pretty. I guess you learn to appreciate the little things. Learning to enjoy the journey is now second nature. Sometimes I can sit still for long minutes just gazing upon one of my latest new plants, in awe and wonder.

The trick for me is not to project my vision of the end result, instead just be happy in the moment. When you’re dealing with plants, this business of time is their domain. As much as you try and listen to your plants, more often it only matters that you allow them. No fussing about necessary.

The only exception to this paradigm is the new rose bush. She is SOOO COOOL!!! I am keen to learn everything I can to keep her pampered and happy. To grow a rosebush anything like the ones back home in this near-desert-like environment would be something of a real miracle!!! (dreaming of heavy crepe blossoms of the most intense true pink…) but no pressure, pretty rosebush, just think of your new home like a spa, outside Santa Fe… and I am at your service…

Meanwhile, there is a flat with a variety of pepper seeds all dispersed for germination. I had a feeling my first try at seed-saving might not have a high yield, so I just threw everybody into the pool to see who would swim! So far, I have five fairly good-looking seedlings emerged, clearly all the same type of pepper, and the rest of the flat is still deciding… I did all this without grow lights, just by the grace of the sun, and bringing them in at night.

I have a closed Tupperware container on top of the refrigerator with 19 eucalyptus gunni seeds, which are basically microscopic. Also in this batch are a small handful of seeds from a grocery store orange, just to see what might be possible. A great deal of positive energy is being focused on all these players, these little seeds of life, some to be a tree someday, others to play out their destiny as my own personal culinary delight!

Of course, we won’t give much mention to the vast amount of work going on at my house into drying different herbs, natural home health techniques and remedies and the testing thereof…

The benefit of having time for ideas, the time to put them down on paper, and time to educate yourself ad infinitum…

My good friend in the Northland reminds me that we are all connected: man, bird, plant, seed, air, tree, hedge, soil, hedgehog… nothing is broken, we work naturally in a symbiotic relationship where all energy flows and all potential can be realized… even if you happen to be just a tiny little chili pepper, experiencing your first warm sunlight on a beautiful Texas afternoon…

It’s all okay, it’s all now, as this day is sweet and mild, tomorrow could be harsh and unforgiving, that is just the way of life. We cannot control, only adapt. It is the very key to survival. While I am here, I envision green energy infused with cool sweet rain; I remember the hugely romantic blooms of the pink azaleas from back home, the sweet sign of spring! While I am here may buds and blooms of every color be my keepers, with birds singing in every tree…

But if, for now, I must be patiently satisfied to stare at tiny leaflets, while secretly dreaming of quaint sturdy barns, a natural looking landscaped oasis, replete with running water, with fragrant blooms dancing pretty in the setting sun… then, ok. I can do that too!

“Slow down, ‘ya move too fast, got to make the mornin’ last…”

EnergyWork & Bushra’s Gift

She was trying to understand. It had to do with feeling. All through her days, she had felt persecuted, misunderstood, and unappreciated. At this point all she wanted to do was communicate, and even that seemed very difficult. Yes, people might hear, but were the words actually getting through? Sadly, she thought, probably not.

There was always a rodeo over which activity took highest priority. So she began to explore the little things first, learning to be more open. Whenever she could sneak back to her room and grab a few quiet moments of rest, she would hope for a chance to read just a bit, before soon enough something or someone would distract her. It was a test at staying focused and to remember, and so soon she decided she would rely more heavily on the old ways.

For instance, she had always walked barefoot on the patch of earth where she lived. She had been reading that Mother Earth has energy we can use to balance our lives, which would lead us to living more healthy lives. Laughing to herself, she wondered why she wasn’t more balanced lately, and why she didn’t feel this energy.

One day she noticed how much the influence of the person she lived with directly affected her. One day she could control her response to negativity, and other times she felt like giving him a well-deserved verbal assault to bring him to his knees. This was when the real lessons began.

That particular morning, she was standing on the dry, sandy soil of her front yard, holding the water hose on shower, and giving the area a little badly needed water. Walking about slowly, with her senses wide open, she began to notice that where she had watered felt different under her feet. It felt almost like cool light coming through the center of each foot. Her toes began to curl around little green things covered in droplets, and even though she had no idea that her aura had turned a deep radiant blue, she realized she had made a subtle discovery.

Like a real epiphany, it dawned on her that this beautiful loving energy was always available, no need to suffer. All that was necessary was awareness and intention.

It explained a lot and it explained nothing at all. For instance, she wondered why she had a perfectly functioning mind, but found herself tending impossible gardens. Why were some people living in urban settings and sipping good wine while she was washing out a basin of kitchen towels off the back porch.

To counteract this anomaly she reached into the cool water and retrieved a small cotton shirt with a print of coastlines, oceans and maps. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small brown bottle and began to infuse the fabric with the oil inside, a patchouli scent that always had a calming effect.

Tonight she would cut the dried fabric into new shapes to make a bag, because very soon was her little friend’s birthday, and this was to become her gift. Each stitch, each idea of style and functionality would all be considered as well as beauty and art. Only her sweet friend would know the good energy and love this gift could bestow.

That evening, as she drew little pictures and designs on the back of a used envelope, making the gift became far more fun and enjoyable than she had ever imagined. While hanging her fabric up to dry earlier, the man outside had wandered by and she asked him if he could smell the fragrant oil. Looking at her like she was out of her mind, he said, “Well, it’s strong, yes I can smell it! Girls used to wear way too much of that patchouli stuff!”

She could hardly hold back the laughter that filled her inside! Soon she’d be able to abandon another day’s chores and get back to her books. So many old ideas had brand new minds giving the old folks a hand up on this “energy work.” She planned to live several more decades. She wondered what new things she might learn tonight.

I think that I shall never see…

a poem as lovely, as a tree.  It is siesta time around the farm today.  This is a good time right now.  There has been more than a couple of months of totally cool and temperate climate, and this past week gave us days of quiet, soaking rain.  Yesterday I could feel this energy when I went outside.  Today we are “in full swing,”  “in high cotton,”  all the plants are revved up to do something…

I am a woman of the planet.  I have been given a small plot, on which to eek out my survival, and I am satisfied.  Yes, over the years, there have been changes.  But clearly, positive ones.  Yet Mother Nature will continue on with her cycles, and I work with what I have.  That’s just what you do.

I have been seeing this plan in my head for a long time.  It takes planning and then action to reach goals, live your dreams.  But today, right now, breathing deeply, looking up, feeling this energy, it is enough.

Today the sun is shining brightly.  Right now the air is still.  Occasionally, a little rift will blow up under the limbs of the river trees, and they will twist and turn up at their tops, then it goes quiet again.  I love it when the trees talk.  Today they are dancing!

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