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Ephemeral Spirit

After I decided to begin a new blog, the name I choose was not available as address, as this idea was already in use… so I found something simple and sadly, appropriate for an address for the new blog, which is granmaspeak.wordpress.com — seems like I am mostly posting to this new blog address, since I’ve noticed a definite change in the air, and my thoughts aren’t always fitting neatly into the pink-ribboned box of CissyBlue. I do not know how to link them up. I’ve been barely keeping my head above the hi-tech water as it is… hehe Hell, what can I say, I’m an artist, not a computer expert. I saved my bacon in my twenties banging out 120 wpm in a legal sweat-shop of hell on the 22nd floor, and trust me, there was no time to learn computing. We were only drone word-processors, glorified typists, that had to know and do and draft everything for our “masters.” I was born in 1955. When we were in grade school, our only best hope in life was to be lucky to have Mrs. Kennedy for a teacher, or Mrs. Archibald, in fact, I was very lucky in the English Literature department, but just being “able” to write, does not make one a writer. Any truly committed writer must surely wait for the day that they change magically from writer to author. That is a very honorable dream indeed.

So that is the simple purpose of this post. You are on the original CissyBlue Blog. Altered States, blah, blah, blah… if you have enjoyed any of my heroic efforts here, please link yourself up to the new one, Ephemeral Spirit, the address shown above, you know, the granma stuff…
or if some kind person can explain the better way to direct traffic from here to there… ??

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