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After the storm…

We made it through another day.  Any day you wake up above ground….  right?  

We’re not doomsday sayers around here, oh, hell no.  We live on the ancient sea bed now covered with old cedars and oak trees.  We live each day better than the next! 

"the back pasture"

after the rain


You can see it in our eyes…

Miss Abigale being serious... :)

Who is it?


or not…  🙂

"we are very sensitive and sincere..."

Life here is very Zen...


Everybody needs a decent catbath after a good rain…

"I am one with the driveway..."

Life is good!


Everything is so clean out here…  hahaha

"nothing like a nice warm catbath"

I know, it looks gritty and dirty, but it's heaven!..."


The trees and bamboo have suffered this past year in brutal dry heat.

"the bamboo has all but died off..."

It is usually so thick with green bamboo leaves, you can't see out...


But the land is loving all this rain.  It’s already come alive again and it’s only just late January.  😦 

"the new green is noticeable..."

"Greens are popping out all over!!!


There are buds on the trees.  What is this madness? 

miss galey

"Beg your pardon?"


Say what?  



  Have a great Friday night, world!!!  Caio for now…  CissyBlue

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