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Movie Review – Sci-Fi – 2001

My parameters for reviewing a movie:  I will not review a film previously seen.  This means that at any time an older movie not previously seen could be reviewed.  I am not in any way affiliated with any corporation, company or film producing expert, nor would I be, if I could.  I am merely a lay-person that enjoys saying a few words about good movies when I see one.  Any movie I review I also recommend  for viewing.   As for the movie I think is so poor that I only have unfavorable remarks, I’ll avoid reviewing that one at all.  My blog, my rules. 


It’s the future and we’re surviving in space world.   It’s a simple plot, not very hard to follow, and it has pretty good flow.  What I like about it most, is that it was very authentic with explosions appearing real and there was no computer generated images except for the blue mist which was a  parasitic organism of unknown origin.  The blue mist seemed flat and sorta hokey…  (2001) but in general the film maintained a decent level of realism with no over-the-top special effects to spoil the mood.  The gun shots were only believeable when they hit the bodies of the “taken.”  One highlighted death scene was also hokey.

The dialogue was typical for most space movies.  In only two incidences did I go “ohhhh…” when the line delivered was almost like something off Saturday Night Live.   The character development was pretty shallow, leaving you with the distinct feeling that they were all inexperienced actors just doing their best.   As for best, much of the delivery from Ice Cube did not dissapoint.  His character protrayals are always believeable and he will always survive.  He’s the underdog you will cheer for.

Apparently in this film, the commanding officers and team leaders were female.  Natasha Henstridge has just moved ahead of Milla Jojovich for her performance when it came to her defense moves and believeability.  Her expressions were a little one-dimensional but other than that, she carried her role well.  I really did enjoy the battle scenes insofar as her parts.  It is really nice to see a woman being able to defend herself into space and beyond.  She must be close to 6 ft. tall.

Overall review:  This is a light fun sci-fi film best for adults at a party.  Another thumbs up for Ice Cube.  He’s funny.   🙂

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