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Completely from scratch organic growing concern located 24 miles east of Austin off Hwy. 290 and 95. Real business, not just a homestead. Exploring non-profit status for sanctuary farm, cruelty-free organic food production model. Many skills helpful. Vegetarians/Vegans only need apply. Looking for 2-3 women willing to work in exchange for room and board, weekends off in Austin. Must be good with animals, especially dogs. Computer, carpentry, chainsaw/tree/mill work, therapeutic massage, yoga, solar panel/conversion experience desired. Artists and musicians welcome to apply. This will be a healing place for animals as well as humans. Do not hesitate to apply if you are also looking for a quiet natural place for healing.

This is very small just under 4 acres tree-covered for the most part sandy soil, with clay, actually it is just sand… Lots of ants so we are focusing on greenhouse gardening and aquaponics besides regular beds. We have a very experienced aquaponics man on board now if you are interested to help and learn. We can use summer only or long-term would be even better as full-scale all season growing is one goal.

I am the owner/founder of the farm organization. My name is Cissy and I’m 59 years. I am currently in process of seeking investment partner(s) as well. Goals would include becoming a CSA, Saturday staff on hand mornings for educational and hands-on learning of farm work for kids from the cities, and establishing a credible farm animal rescue including equine. Goal is to feed ourselves with excess to farmers market, and to invite special kids organizations to visit and enjoy feeding the animals and helping in the gardens on Saturday mornings. Flexible in design ideas, implementation and creation. I am planning to blog our progress from beginning to finale and will provide sparkling recommendations for interns.

If interested, you would be bunking with 1 to 2 other females, in the big back bedroom of this home, which is under renovation as well at this time, which has a big private bath. You would be expected to help renovate/decorate your own room in addition to growing, cooking, preserving food, taking care of the farm animals, and cleaning. The home has a nice back porch for morning meditation, laundry chores, and just enjoying the trees and wildlife. Since there are renovations to the farmhouse in progress, luxuries and basic conveniences have been modified to accommodate. We are only using materials found on Craigslist reasonable in price or free, we recycle reuse and repurpose most everything. We are in process of locating a new farm truck at this time.

So if you have a vehicle, or even if you don’t, feel free to contact cissyblue555@gmail.com if you are ready for a brutal central Texas summer to share good health, happiness, hard work and campfires at night. Lake Bastrop is fifteen minutes away. Your own pet or horse is negotiable. Any age will be considered of course. If you are a man experienced in any aspect of plant growing organically, or basic homesteading with skills and have your own travel trailer, we have room for a couple of trailers. Direct your questions to my email above. Thank you! Cissy


Sometimes It Takes a Lifetime

Today is a very good day – a day for breaking free of old ways of thinking.

Today is a day for clear thinking and positive action.  I’m working on a new blog, and I hope that soon you will be enjoying it as much as I will.

In favor of moving ahead and doing what I love, I decided to buy a new digital camera.  Not an SLR yet, nothing fancy.  But it has a very high resolution and high pixels.  And although I love photography, I am not a professional.  My interests lie mostly in the written word.

My father took pictures of faces, up close and personal, in black and white.  I only wish I had this collection to share with you.  And although I will not be shooting in B&W, maybe some of his light will shine through all the same.

I hope when you feel blue, or need a connection with culture, you will check out the new blog.  I haven’t settled on a name yet, but I feel sure something will be coming along soon!

It has taken me about three months to change my life, at least in terms of eating.  For many years, in fact, I thought I understood very well what was healthy and what was not.  But alas, this journey took me down many roads of denial…  but finally…  I feel liberated.  The understanding of what it takes has finally taken shape.  I have new habits, new tools and new skills.

Videos and blogs about our food and where it comes from, about growing things to eat correctly and easily, these are the education we need in order to put gardening and growing our own food on the fast track.  This is just one area that I want to focus on, then perhaps another type of post for cooking and pantry ideas set in the kitchen.  All this will come pretty much “from scratch” as we say, so you’ll be able to follow along and hopefully, make suggestions!

As for the rest of the days…  let’s just leave all that flexible. Undoubtedly, I will devote some of my time to art, music, or even some of my own creations.  Who knows what subjects might come up.  And lastly, it’s just good to speak our minds sometimes, in a intentional way, so that maybe someone else will be moved to comment also.  It’s a good way to get on with the business of life.

It might not be all rosey all the time, as far as postings to the new blog. Sometimes it is better to get some clarity about a given subject, because it is pertinent to the times, or because there is something to be learned from sharing.  Also, on the flip side, I do not intend to encourage doomsday sayers, as it is our finest hour that we stand up and have our voice heard.

So, thank you all, people who leave me comments, as it has meant a great deal to me.  I hope you will come around again, when I am able to give you a name for the new blog, and actually have something nice there for you to check out.  Ok, then, later on…  Peace out! Cissy ❤ in central Texas

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