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Within You and Without You

There is much that can be said about being humble.  To be in this way does not mean to be weak.  Quite the contrary is true.  When one is truly humble, they have come full circle, and out the other side.  This state can be a result of touching upon enlightenment.  You are forced to step back away from yourself to see with your mind. 

We are always processing information around us.  Long ago having embraced the hologram theory, repetition and practice explain common human behaviors, which create order out of chaos and art from simple craftsmanship.  Once we grasp the bigger picture and embrace it, the sooner we find the comfortable ability to become humble. Our work begins to attract the attention of others, who can admire the effort, and there is a connection of human understanding. 

Suddenly our passions become our breath.  We no longer have to search for energy, our mind transcends the place where bodily aches and pains reside, and we achieve a shift in perspective, if you will, an altered state of consciousness, that will bring quiet contentment with the rewards of our hard work and achievements.  We have something to share.

It is impossible not to fear the end of time as it appears to be predicted right over the horizon in every modern back to ancient text, for our immediate future.  It all seems to be backed up by considerably more earth shattering events globally.  We now can receive news of natural disasters and their devastating human tragedies almost daily.  There is an intensity that seems to be building.

Clearly, as can be seen by numerous unexplained phenomena evidenced since early pioneer days here in the States, and across the pond due to the age and relatively small area of Britain and surrounding… other unseen dimensions apparently exist, not unlike a hologram might.  Through the ages, man has struggled being very primitive in his ability to explain and reconcile all things magic.  My Lord can smile with affection at my most primal word for that which cannot be seen by human eyes.  But try and deny that it can be felt, its effects cannot be witnessed, when energy and space are all that we are. 

Today I am humble unto myself.  I am awed and inspired by the spirit and intellect of the good men around me.  I am nurtured and improved by the hearts of good women who put word and deed to their causes.  The hero that exists in all of us is very quiet.  He does not jump to defend his personal opinions, he is calm, forgiving, and humble, in the face of his own great intellect. 


There is great beauty in everything.  To open our eyes and see every day opens up endless possibility.  But to open our minds as well, to embrace love and magic, is to be very humble indeed.  The rewards are endless.  The joy and peace within can finally shine outward.  🙂

Caio, and have a good week!  CissyBlue in Texas

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