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I think that I shall never see…

a poem as lovely, as a tree.  It is siesta time around the farm today.  This is a good time right now.  There has been more than a couple of months of totally cool and temperate climate, and this past week gave us days of quiet, soaking rain.  Yesterday I could feel this energy when I went outside.  Today we are “in full swing,”  “in high cotton,”  all the plants are revved up to do something…

I am a woman of the planet.  I have been given a small plot, on which to eek out my survival, and I am satisfied.  Yes, over the years, there have been changes.  But clearly, positive ones.  Yet Mother Nature will continue on with her cycles, and I work with what I have.  That’s just what you do.

I have been seeing this plan in my head for a long time.  It takes planning and then action to reach goals, live your dreams.  But today, right now, breathing deeply, looking up, feeling this energy, it is enough.

Today the sun is shining brightly.  Right now the air is still.  Occasionally, a little rift will blow up under the limbs of the river trees, and they will twist and turn up at their tops, then it goes quiet again.  I love it when the trees talk.  Today they are dancing!

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