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The Legend of Riggie Roo

If only kitties, they could talk,
the stories they would tell…
Of all the battles, fought and won,
and all the foes that fell.

The bravest one of all, they say,
was the Mighty Riggie Roo!
For any friend, he’d come to fight!
His heart was brave and true.

Then one dark day, while Riggie slept,
coyotes did attack.
They circled quickly, savage beasts,
and bit him in the back.

Though badly hurt, he stood his ground,
and fought them all away.
Four days it took, to make it home,
his last goodbyes to say.

Some people say when sadness strikes,
the Angels will fly down,
and help the ones that need it most…
when no one is around…

The Mrs. Man prayed long and hard
for them to stop his pain.
She held him close and called his name,
her tears fell down like rain.

His lifelong friends all gathered ’round,
they feared the end was near.
And though he struggled hard to stay,
his last cries they were to hear.

Though days have passed and he is gone,
the kitties still tell the tale,
of the Mighty Warrior, brave and true,
a friend who’d never fail.

His family is sad, they miss him bad,
he seems so far away…
Though in the end, they lost their friend,
in their hearts, he will always stay!

In Loving Memory of Riggie
aka Tiggie Riggie Roo
January 1990 – October 22, 1997

We don't forget...  we still love you very much!

We don’t forget… we still love you very much!

Meet Marie Taylor

Whenever you embark upon a creative endeavor, it always includes a spiritual aspect. You can never tell where roads will take you, until you make the journey. One of the most beautiful and meaningful facets of human emotion and intellect is inspiration. It is the main driving force for all positive expression and the wellspring of energy and vision. If you ever find yourself at a low spot, dig yourself out and when you are ready, look for that inspiration to move forward.

When I began to formulate my initiative for writing again, I came across this beautiful soul named Marie Taylor, whose artistry and understanding, vision and beauty, became my inspiration to once again find purpose in life. I highly encourage you to explore her website; her art has style and vision far beyond what I can put into words. Thank you, Marie, for sharing yourself with us.

So, in beginning my latest commitment to reach people again, to give hope in this challenging and often frightening world, here is a magnificent and beautiful poem written by Marie, with so much love and understanding, I was compelled to share it with you. I know you will enjoy it.

Say Not Wait
by Marie Taylor

What is life but the splinters
of golden moments drilled and strung
and mounted in a net woven
by old women sitting in high clouds
chanting forgotten songs to dead heroes.

What is love but a white knight
who goes to distant lands in search
of the fair Elaine who carries the cup
whose lips Christ touched
one starry night before the blood came.

What is desire that we should say
‘wait’ or ‘I can not’ or ‘I am not ready’
because when we do, love slips away
into the forests of time leaving not
a trail for birds to follow anywhere.

So how can we say ‘no’ or ‘stop’
or ‘wait’ to the river that flows on
without ceasing. But reaching up,
let us grab the back of a fin and
slide beneath the waves and taste eternity.

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