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Noontime Perspectives……..

As I wait, anticipate the postman, looking for packages, new camera gear…¬† ūüôā ….¬† I will begin the first¬†attempt at the fun yet sometimes painful¬†art of crafting a blog¬†and pics……¬† I will present what I see around me, give special insight, even secrets….¬†¬† If you find yourself entertained, then that’s my objective, if not, well then maybe I’ve sparked a little light of passion, made you think, challenged your tried and true……¬†¬† I mean, really, isn’t this how we grow, evolve…. ?¬† Like so many, again I am getting out the notebooks, setting out my drawing pencils….¬†¬† imagination surely to take me on new paths of thinking……¬† creating…..¬† here at the farm…¬† not a real farm in the truest sense of the word, this is actually a colloquialism that ran like a thread through the generations of my family, now in 2012¬†indicating a rural property owned in addition to the homestead, most likely utilized for some “ranching or farming” venture.

If you are a fully conditioned urbanite, long entrenched in constant reaching for immediate satisfaction, someone who quickly tires of the more civilized and elegant pastimes, rather desensitized, sadly, then I dare you to awake to the idea that people are far more alike than¬†you could ever imagine, yet we have so so much to learn from each other.¬† At present, I live in central Texas, and although I am not at all likely to take a trip to Marrakech anytime soon, I am completely fascinated by it, and would dearly love to hear from others, who like me, share in this fascination…..¬†I love travel blogs, lifestyle blogs, foodie blogs, and so these have inspired me to write about this place where I live, the evolution and progressions as things move forward.¬† I hope that in my blog, I can prove that you don’t have to be wealthy to have a lovely home.¬† And that even a single person could take a small piece of land and optimize his survival and enjoyment of life and thrive in the process.¬† Yeah, it’s a modern world but our ways of living need not be sterile, cookie-cutter lifestyles, well, I guess I’m a big fan of the bohemian lifestyle, I champion the little guys, and I totally believe in teaching respect for the planet and for each other.

You really have to dig deep in America, you have to know someone…¬† (hehe)¬†¬† if you want to have a cultural experience here, not to say there are not many lovely cultures all living and thriving here, only that I think many people have lost their way, have become generic, because they have been robbed of time, exhausted from work, and it is these people I would like to inspire, to share with…

Today is Saturday, in the afternoon, the sun is shining through the cold air, there is no breeze, air is still.¬† Leaves are all brown, most have fallen.¬† I received a phone call from my dearest friend who lives in Pakistan this morning, which cheered me up, and I just can’t stop smiling.¬† We are two completely different types of people, and we live on opposite sides of the world, and yet every day I know her, I find more and more things we share in common.¬† Before I knew her, I was completely in the dark about her people and her country.¬† For goodness sake, they have Pine trees there, that in fact look very much like the beloved trees where I was born.¬† Maybe I really don’t get out enough…¬† haha,¬† but that one fact amazes me no end…

So soon I will introduce you to more of us around the farm here, take you through the stages of renovation of this house, as best we can, hehe, and throw around some ideas and share some pics, maybe some great blogs I run across, throw in a recipe or two, haha…¬† go on…¬† push the follow button and let’s get some dialogue started here!¬† Caio for now…¬† Cissy

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