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Minerals and Contrast

There is a little trick of intuition, magic or some cosmic interplay, where you can be coping with a particular issue or conflict, and in looking for some direction, one reaches for a book and upon opening it, finds himself reading the very answer to his dilemma. Every single time, well, three times I’ve been driven to such madness, the words that always greet me are like the first wave that you break on a new beach. New ground, for sure, but such joy at having been able to attain that small relic of understanding.

I never cease to be humbled, yet inspired, and usually left completely undone whenever the depth of wisdom Dr. Chopra shares with us breaks across the high volume barrage of input in my own head, and I come screaming back down to the softest petals of radiant bliss, when I trust what I think I already knew. I’m too focused on creating nirvana in the present moment to believe in true enlightenment… but if it is possible to catch even a glimpse, then there must surely be hope for the likes of mankind, even yet… He says if the cells of the body have intelligence, and they work together, how is it that evolved people cannot do as well?

The following text is taken from the Introduction by Dr. Deepak Chopra, to The Book of Secrets …Hidden Dimensions…

It comes down to the age-old choice of separateness or unity. Do you want to be fragmented, conflicted, torn between the eternal forces of darkness and light? Or do you want to step out of separation into wholeness? You are a creature who acts, thinks, and feels. Spirituality fuses these three into a single reality. Thinking doesn’t lord it over feeling; feeling doesn’t stubbornly resist the higher brain; doing occurs when both thought and feeling say, “This is right.” The one reality can be recognized because once you are there, you experience the flow of life without obstacles or resistance. In this flow, you encounter inspiration love, truth, beauty, and wisdom as natural aspects of existence. The one reality is spirit, and the surface of life is only a disguise with a thousand masks that keeps us from discovering what is real. A thousand years ago, such a statement would have met with no argument. Spirit was accepted everywhere as the true source of life. Today, we have to look with new eyes at the mystery of existence, for as proud children of science and reason, we have made ourselves the orphans of wisdom.

Dr. Sagan also speaks to us on this day, from almost any page you might choose, in The Pale Blue Dot. I do not think he would mind if I simply gave a quick message from his work, this fine book. His image of how very small humanity truly is when we finally see the bigger picture, is always front and center of every story he tells, or every scientific concept he explains. Dr. Sagan was such a wonderful human being in so many ways, it is a huge contrast to the very modest person of integrity that he was. These two gentlemen stand as true modern pioneers in every way, although as Dr. Sagan pointed out, in another eight hundred years,“…they might not even remember America.” That was a little harsh, Carl!

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