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Visualize, Realize

Being ever so blessed, I am compelled to write of my abundance. What am I talking about? The endless possibilities.

Patience seems again to be the lesson of the day. And hard work. Not being afraid to strain a little, break a sweat…

The interesting thing is that it’s all about the little things you can accomplish each and every day, that add up. Over time, you can look back over things, and go “wow, that’s really beautiful.”

Even though I feel like there should be more growing at this point, it is important to remember that one of the hard and fast rules of life is that you have to start somewhere. Even if it means the most teeny tiny of seeds, making the most miniscule of green seedlings. You have to learn to understand what it is they need, and provide it. Sort of a blending of energies, so to speak.

I put together two herb pots right by the front steps, and I must say, they are lovely. Little sprigs of this and that, one dedicated just for mints. This one does have a tiny sprig of chives that looks especially pretty. I guess you learn to appreciate the little things. Learning to enjoy the journey is now second nature. Sometimes I can sit still for long minutes just gazing upon one of my latest new plants, in awe and wonder.

The trick for me is not to project my vision of the end result, instead just be happy in the moment. When you’re dealing with plants, this business of time is their domain. As much as you try and listen to your plants, more often it only matters that you allow them. No fussing about necessary.

The only exception to this paradigm is the new rose bush. She is SOOO COOOL!!! I am keen to learn everything I can to keep her pampered and happy. To grow a rosebush anything like the ones back home in this near-desert-like environment would be something of a real miracle!!! (dreaming of heavy crepe blossoms of the most intense true pink…) but no pressure, pretty rosebush, just think of your new home like a spa, outside Santa Fe… and I am at your service…

Meanwhile, there is a flat with a variety of pepper seeds all dispersed for germination. I had a feeling my first try at seed-saving might not have a high yield, so I just threw everybody into the pool to see who would swim! So far, I have five fairly good-looking seedlings emerged, clearly all the same type of pepper, and the rest of the flat is still deciding… I did all this without grow lights, just by the grace of the sun, and bringing them in at night.

I have a closed Tupperware container on top of the refrigerator with 19 eucalyptus gunni seeds, which are basically microscopic. Also in this batch are a small handful of seeds from a grocery store orange, just to see what might be possible. A great deal of positive energy is being focused on all these players, these little seeds of life, some to be a tree someday, others to play out their destiny as my own personal culinary delight!

Of course, we won’t give much mention to the vast amount of work going on at my house into drying different herbs, natural home health techniques and remedies and the testing thereof…

The benefit of having time for ideas, the time to put them down on paper, and time to educate yourself ad infinitum…

My good friend in the Northland reminds me that we are all connected: man, bird, plant, seed, air, tree, hedge, soil, hedgehog… nothing is broken, we work naturally in a symbiotic relationship where all energy flows and all potential can be realized… even if you happen to be just a tiny little chili pepper, experiencing your first warm sunlight on a beautiful Texas afternoon…

It’s all okay, it’s all now, as this day is sweet and mild, tomorrow could be harsh and unforgiving, that is just the way of life. We cannot control, only adapt. It is the very key to survival. While I am here, I envision green energy infused with cool sweet rain; I remember the hugely romantic blooms of the pink azaleas from back home, the sweet sign of spring! While I am here may buds and blooms of every color be my keepers, with birds singing in every tree…

But if, for now, I must be patiently satisfied to stare at tiny leaflets, while secretly dreaming of quaint sturdy barns, a natural looking landscaped oasis, replete with running water, with fragrant blooms dancing pretty in the setting sun… then, ok. I can do that too!

“Slow down, ‘ya move too fast, got to make the mornin’ last…”


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