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Amazing Austin

Spending my time late into last evening reading mostly about physics from the blog of a most outstanding man Robert, my mind is a bit of a jumble this morning. We are such precious little creatures, it takes a great effort on my part to go from tending my new tomato plants to studying the latest theories and explanations from brilliant minds in the field of physics. Just like “medicine,” physics is the label which encompasses many sub-fields and specializations, all being striking in their evolution. Yes, my little brain has to put forth some effort to sort the full implications of this information, but as in all things, you must examine the whole, to understand any part.

This morning’s routine was a welcome ritual with all sorts of fresh impressions. The window at the foot of my bed was left open intentionally last night as the temps were acceptable. But upon waking the sunshine was immediately evident since the past few days were very gray, yet the room felt like a brisk 55 degrees F and the curtains were moving in and out the side of the window with the wind… sunshine, wind and brisk air, time to get up.

I live with a roommate of about 13 years, give or take. You never know what you may find in the morning. Jim is a certified insomniac and now becoming an “old man.” Its a never-ending source of amusement. My bedroom is right off the kitchen which is something I do not like. But today as I entered the kitchen, it was nice and warm, (no windows were left open), and beans were on low in the crockpot. Nothing but beans, as he says he leaves the extras for me to add. He was fast asleep at 9:30 am with his heater on one notch, and his “smart” phone blasting out some sort of seriously electrical thunderstorm, over and over…

I open the front door and round up all the dogs. It sounds bad, but all together the pack consists of 4 very little guys and the brother and sister team of Aussie Shepherd mix Summer and Biscuit. There is a fenced backyard for the hounds where they spend their daytime, and the rat terrors and Sadie get run of the front. So now I have time to kick back with some coffee and the morning herb. In the morning, my back usually does not hurt. I may be a little stiff, but I can easily work that out. After this I’ll get dressed and go outside to do some stretching and poses in the sun. It’s Sunday morning and even though we have neighbors, there’s not a sound to be heard except the wind. I prefer to listen to the big trees talk. It’s sublime. Even the little highway a mile to the north is quiet. And the neighbor’s stupid rooster is blessedly silent!

It’s SXSW in Austin right now. The energy is palpable. So many of the best and the brightest are converged here like one never-ending major party. It used to be for musicians, but now they’ve got everything. It’s really huge. The wonderful Al Gore was a featured speaker, and I’m keen to listen to his speech today. I’m going to close this post with a small quote from it. I believe he tries hard to help people, to be a real leader. We all know what a lobbyist is, but the ramifications of the result goes straight to the core of reform. It’s important to know who and what is really running the show.

I hope you can find time to listen to his words today yourself, and that today we all do whatever we can to put things right here in our country and the world. Have a wonderful day, teaching children, playing with and training equine, building amazing technologies, doing whatever you do! Take care of yourself, the Earth, and each other. Here’s Mr. Gore, yesterday, at SXSW, in amazing Austin:

“American democracy has never been perfect, but more often than not, the will of the people did drive policy. Congress today is utterly incapable of passing any reform of any significance unless they get permission from special interests.”

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