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It was a Good Day Today

I wish I could build a big dome.  One that would cover about one and one-half acres. I think that would be just about the right height in the center.  I would first build a prototype, and then look for investors.  This lends itself to so many other fields, like climate control, laying down the proper foundations, actually the plan could be modified at any time to add on another dome, like they have proposed for the first colony on Mars.  I’m pretty sure they already make these panels, and if they work on Mars, maybe they work here as well.  And if they are already working with greenspaces, (greenhouses in space), then certainly we can engineer simple models for our own use right now.  Truly, and we should all get this, seeds are as important a key to our survival as the air we breathe!  You can do everything on Earth right as a gardener, and if you aren’t working with good seeds, it won’t matter.  

In the greenhouse, temperature is everything.  More than anything throughout the summer growing season, shade from brutal rays is key, and of course maintaining something up to 15 degrees under 85 degrees F as much as possible. Clearly, plants are very particular about their temperatures.  By shading the plants, it will help cool the ground temps some, but other interventions should be used as well, like fans, ventilation, cultivating the soil around plants.  I am going to get some stick thermometers soon to use in testing the soils inside the greenhouse so I can learn. It will be trial and error but I’m much more attuned to solving problems before they get out of hand!  It’s a knowing thing!


Well, the lovely big tomato seeds I tried last year have failed again this year, so they’re toast! That’s not bad odds when you consider it.  What’s next, now?  Will go back to my seed stash and see what I feel like tackling now!  These herbs seem to be the most delicate of little things.  If you are going to be a gardener, you better get ready to embrace your tiny self!  Miniature is the deal!  You learn to breathe deeper, move slower, and exhale after you’re done!  haha


I think I’ll try that Aussie tomato I have.  I want to make some pots all ready to sprout two or three of them, so I can easily divide them later.  You leave the best one in the pot where she grows.  

I have some basil to plant.  I think I will concentrate on that for a bit.  It seems hardier than others to me, and perhaps it will be okay in the last days of freezing winter still ahead.  Normally, I would be confused by all this, but no more!  Texas weather is always changing.  This is the good part. Once things stabilize, it is most likely mid-summer heat like no other.  You have to be ready for that part and protect all your plants!  And that’s when grasshoppers start hopping out from every place! The plan this year is to have a little chicken army.  We have little to report on that front at this time, as plans have changed on location and design…  

So far, I need to decide where to put the pea patch and also start lighting the fire under the head chicken guy around here and see if I can motivate him.  May is the month that baby chicks come on sale at the feed stores, so that’s the deadline I’m looking at!  All part of the mini-eco-system I’m trying to build here…  

I played in the compost pile today.  Felt like being a magician.  You put scraps over here, and then you can dig up beautiful fluffy dark soil.  The fragrant scent of good earth will boost your spirits and let’s you know, you’re on the right track!  Jim says there’s some worms in there, but I didn’t see any today.  I can tell we need some rain again, or I’ll be out there in the morning watering the compost pile.  Worms are important.  A very passionate gardener I just watched said that if you don’t have lots of worms, your garden is not very healthy!  

I was disappointed yesterday when I read that planting a seed from a grocery store orange will definitely not give you a plant bearing the same fruit.  (Funny, how they do that, right?)  Well, I should have known.  They said the fruit is likely to be much more tart, perhaps not as good.  I’ll go ahead and grow them, because it’s all I have for citrus right now, but I’ll wait until I can get a graft plant at the garden shop next time!  This is how you learn.

My onion is certainly the most healthy thing growing right now!  It was growing from a piece thrown into the compost, retrieved, cleaned and re-planted in a medium sized pot. The green shoots are growing fat and very healthy, robust and tall! They’d be good in a salad! I’ve never grown onions before.  


Nothing new on the aloe vera front.  We’ve already used more than is left growing. It is awaiting a re-plant into a much wider pot, doesn’t have to be deep.  We’re going to try to encourage as much underground shoot growth as possible!  We want those aloe babies.  Since it is still winter, I think this little aloe needs to rest a bit before the spring rush.  Probably will look for a way to get a few more shoots! Aloe is something I run to for so many things and every day I find something new it works great for.  If I had to run and grab only a couple of plants, I would definitely grab an aloe!  

Ok, then sod-busters!  haha  Remember Lucas McCain?  Anyway, y’all hava nice evening, and thanks for stoppin’ by!  Cissy 

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