Exploring the Human Condition: altered states of consciousness

Places and Aspects

We are a tiny self-aware, conscious speck in an ever-expanding, holographic, fractal universe, along with countless other beings of differing purpose and abilities, also moving along in a predetermined, almost orchestrated journey from birth to death and into whatever we discover beyond.  If you accept the idea that the character you play in this life is but one aspect of yourself, and that your soul may indeed be capable of many things unimagined, it truly relieves some of the burdens and concerns.  If who I am and the life that I am living is but one aspect of my total self, and in some other place, indeed places, there are other versions of myself living some slightly altered script in the ongoing drama we perpetuate called being human, then like many others before me, the first question to mind is, why aren’t we aware of these others aspects of ourselves?

The standard answer is that we couldn’t handle it.  We hear that a lot lately, but then we have a lot more questions these days.  Maybe it’s like so many other things in life, we just really don’t need to know everything.  Maybe all we need to deal with is just what we see, and touch, and hear…  In much of the modern world now, we move so fast, there is no time for inner reflections.  Evolution has just taken a quantum leap, as hard as some ruling factions tried to prevent it.  But as fast as we might proceed in one direction, it is very important to be mindful of the other, for in all things, positive growth depends on balance.  A true master is fluent in both worlds, inner and outer.

For every pathway you can find here on Earth to explore, imagine what lies inside the spiritual realms, the places accessible during meditation, like the places many shamans access through the trained use of medicinal plants.  The bodhisattvas have traveled these inner levels, these inner places, for countless centuries.  Many of us in the western world have serious trouble just getting to sleep at night.  Maybe if more people learned the art of focus, the practice of studied breathing, and were willing to face and let go of fear, our journeys in this world would go from unwilling participant to self-disciplined master of the universe.

I guess I’m not doing so bad, in this aspect.  Everything is relative.  No matter your achievements or outward trappings, the inner strength and knowing you can call to bare, is what never changes.  They can try and split that stuff into a thousand parts and every single one will still contain a certain spark that is you — that one indefinable aspect of consciousness you have awakened into.  This moment is all the focus we need, and yet the idea that somewhere else, in some other way or place, I am living some other type of existence, simultaneous to this one, ignites many questions as yet unanswered. Perhaps like the rungs in a big wheel, there could be many versions of this movie running at the same time, just as there are many people and families, living and dead, in a fractal sense.

When enough aspects of one thing or another congregate in one particular area for whatever purpose, a place is created.  It’s not so hard to imagine multiple places or dimensions truly exist side-by-side, so to speak, when now we know anything is possible.  It makes for a more light-hearted day I think, just to know that whatever we do or don’t do right today, is simply one aspect of the many things we could be doing, and probably are.  We just get hung up in the explanations.  Journey ever onward!

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