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I’ve been up all night, calling in every favor and editors and lawyers aren’t always real responsive when it comes to animal rights, activism or reform or rocking boats in general.

I am a native Texan. And a lot of what is said about “us” is true. The bad stuff. The stereotypes. The beef-killing-eating cowboy Cadillac driving monsters like Rick Bartlett and his wife Tina Bartlett. Yes, they are real people and they live in Bastrop County, Texas. The man is/was some sort of self-professed Christian “preacher.”

So come after me, whatever, I’ve got nothing you can take and I do not scare easily. To my friends and faithful followers, I am begging you, my often far too kind readers, to please, read this, re-blog it, do whatever you can to splash it all over the place. I’m getting doors slammed right and left, being left on hold already, re-directed to voice mails. It’s going to be a long haul on this one.

So here’s the whole terrible story, in short form. Details are sketchy for me, as this is my first knowledge of this story. And it should be a BIG story. A HUGE NATIONAL Story to expose once and for all the corruption in small-town Texas governments like Bastrop County, the cover-ups, the good old boy games, and this monster called preacher of God. That’s the real rub. It mixes up animal abuse, torture, purposeful and willful mal intent, to a neighbor’s pet cat over a period of days before finally throwing it off a 50 foot plus bridge over the Colorado River. I cannot begin to tell you of what this so-called man did to this poor cat. I cannot even think of it, it bends me into places I cannot bear. Yes, it was just a cat. But it goes deeper than that even. Sure I want Animal Activists, real ones, that mean business, people who support Anonymous because there HAS to be REFORM, people like Animal Liberation Front that sometimes are controversial in nature as are all those who stand up to repression, corruption, cruelty and injustice, whether against man or beast, great or small.

On Facebook, you can read about Moody the Cat on the page of Audie Voorhies. I have quite a bit of information on this story also, that I am going to try to get here on the blog as well. I think the nation, our America, might like to see first-hand what it’s like to live in a backwards, totally non-progressive state, except for Austin, where in a county such as Bastrop County, the depravity knows no bounds really, truth be told. It’s hell out there all over. I know that. But I won’t be found wandering the country roads alone anymore, dogs or not. Nope, not anymore. It’s just not that kind of world anymore. That’s all gone. And I don’t run too fast anymore – lol.

Back to business. For over a year and don’t hold me to exacts, as I am not quoting anybody, I am not a journalist and my journalist friends are “unable” to cover anything out of their immediate “area.” Anyway, I know the real reason for that. Politics. Money. Pull. Clout. Who’s the top dog and who ain’t. All the papers are affiliated around here in one way or other, owned by the same corporation. Until you get to the Austin rags, and we will just have to see about that. I am working on calling them this afternoon. Third round assault. I am asking here for help in an URGENT way!!! Whoever you are, wherever you are, if you can write, or reblog, or share on another social site, or have friends you can email, or if you are one of those special people with intellect and connections that knows a good story when they see one, this is it Baby!!! This one should be told, in whatever sensational form it may take, that doesn’t matter. Just having it exposed on whatever level will be enough, I think.

This man, this “preacher” has never had anything happen more than his church asked him to step down, move out, leave… Well, this guy just goes next door, rents another building, and starts a NEW CHRISTIAN CHURCH! I’m so serious I could just gag. And this man has friends. He is what we call down here one of “the good ole boys” – it’s like a sort of cowboy club of macho beef-eating rednecks that are made mostly of the residue of toxic chemicals fed to the animals they breed for slaughter, and the anger that fuels their hearts must surely come from the terror and the pain they caused these poor animals while they were being slaughtered. Welcome to Texas, folks. It’s that bad. Sorry, neighbors, but wake up and smell the dysfunction, and that’s putting it as nicely as I possibly can at this point.

Until there is attention focused squarely on the problem, awareness brought to light, only then will something change. I do a lot of networking now for animal rescues, primarily for horses, equine of any sort and for dogs. Unwanted animals. If I wasn’t mostly sane, I would be a crazy cat lady, and that could still happen… hehe But right now, I will do whatever it is I can do. Where is ABC, NBC, how do you get a hold of these people, their staff, I keep hitting dead-ends, slammed doors and re-directs to voice mail boxes… And I’m still in my own neck of the woods, I haven’t even tried to go national yet. This is my first attempt. I am not a computer whiz kid. I am 59 years old on a new Dell Windows 8 which I love, but I’m clumsy at best, so anything that I actually do right is a miracle. I know there are whiz kids out there that can run rings around me with this sort of thing. I’m going to them to.. Gotta long list.

Moody the cat was just a family pet, a cat like you might see anywhere, with any family. He was a ginger tabby, American shorthair, round face, short pointed ears, stripes, and little brown spots on his nose. Believe it or not, each type/color of cat has a very specific personality. And Ginger Tabby Cats like Moody, and I’ve only ever seen males, they are the most gentle, kind, affectionate, tails up always, knows no enemy kind of happy loveable cat you could ever see. Ask any cat person and they will tell you the same thing. Like calicos are almost always female and they always have major attitude, for example. But a cat like Moody, he was a baby, a family loved him like he was family, not just a pet, and one sad day, as cats are prone to do, he innocently walked into the neighbor’s back yard, whereby the owner/preacher snatches him up, puts him in some sort of cage, and life would never be the same for poor little Moody. His family was right next door and they couldn’t find him for days. They had no idea he was maybe even feet away, locked inside a cage, without food or water for days, while this person proceeded to torture him without mercy. There’s all the vet reports, all the evidence, but since I just found out about it, I don’t really have time to trace down every single fact and verify it, all I can do is try to get word out that this man has walked away from this crime for over a year, the court system here has delayed adjudication over and over, and now, at last there is the pre-trial on May 9, and trial on May 13th. Bastrop County Courthouse, Second Floor, Judge Eschew’s Courtroom, Bastrop, Texas, just east of Austin down 71 about 40 miles. South of me in Elgin only 16 miles.

Why is this such a big deal??? Cause you’ve got animal abuse, government corruption, good old boy redneck mentality, Christian hypocrisy, deceit of the worst sort rampant in some churches, these “preachers” get rich and live high on the hog, doing what they do. Precious scared little people will grasp at any possible answer, even if it is fake, bogus and even evil to the core. There are so many drugged up, doped up, dumbed down commuter drones from this county I speak of, that most of them won’t care, or even give it a second thought. Hell, they can’t afford to go to the dentist, or to pay for gasoline anymore, or keep up the maintenance on their poorly made fake McMansions. Who cares about some bogus preacher who mutilated an innocent family pet for days and the law enforcement officers didn’t stop it. He actually took the poor thing to the Sheriff’s Facility, the “new” Jail, and asked what to do with it after he had tortured it, starved it nearly to death, still locked in his cage. Evidently he was then directed to the local kill shelter, which would sound reasonable, as at least the poor thing would have gotten some help at that point. But no… This devil, this monster beyond imagination, just drove in the opposite direction to the big old bridge that crosses the Colorado right there in downtown Bastrop, and he opened Moody’s cage right there up on that bridge, and then he shook and rattled it so hard that poor mutilated and bloody Moody made a final leap for freedom and ended up falling straight down 50 feet to the river below.

Moody’s been dead now for over a year I think. Remember the trial is next week. There are a handful of women who are working on the “Justice for Moody” case, but they have all asked for me to omit their names. I think the whole world and all Americans might really be interested to know about Moody’s story, and about what has been done about it. I think more people should find out about the upcoming trial. More people should show up. Just come and be there. Let the world and the Nation see that not all Texans are stupid, or rude, and that when such a terrible thing is hidden from the public, brushed aside, and local papers and editors are told to leave it alone, a few ornery old hippie girls and animal lovers refuse to sit still for that kind of cowardly and disgustingly sick complacency. We’re not all drug addicts, driven by poverty to crime. Some of us are quite clean, actually, very alert and very aware, and ready to lend a hand in any way possible to bring a Very Bright Spotlight right down into this Judge’s courtroom, with the latest news being that the standing Judge who has handled the case up to now has suddenly been excused right before trial. So I’m wondering why it’s been so hushed up, why the wheels that turn took so long to the point where they were literally forced to set a trial, just to get it over with… evidently.

So I’m going to my list of Austin Media next, and let’s see where that gets us. Thank you for reading this, as I am not on my game at all presently, for several good reasons, but it will not stop me from pouring another strong cup of coffee, and trying again. National attention folks. That is the Mission. Come on down to Texas before it turns into Summer Hell on Earth. Do it for a little pet cat named Moody who did not deserve to be tortured to death. Oh yeah… the end of his story.

Here’s where I’m a bit sketchy, but this is what I believe I read that happened after Moody went flying over that huge bridge. I don’t know what time of day this happened, or if anyone actually witnessed the preacher man commit his final act of hate, anger and abuse. But somehow, little Moody lived through the impact of the fall, although the examining vet said he ultimately died from excessive blunt force trauma to his lungs, most likely from the fall. I just can’t bear to repeat the rest of the report on Moody’s body. I just can’t.

Somehow, Moody, the ginger tigger cat managed to drag his beaten and tortured little body out of the river where he had fallen, up onto the beautiful concrete River Walk, so pretty there under the bridge in Bastrop. The trees are so beautiful there. Some person or people saw him, and gathered him up and took him straight to the vet’s office. But there was nothing they could do for him by then. I just hope the doctor was able to stop his suffering quickly. For someone such as myself, this sort of thing twists my guts into a knot and my heart can hardly keep a straight beat. Just now my co-worker on this case called and told me that as soon as the Vet got Moody in the office, they called the family that lost him and they were somehow able to drive to the other side of town where the vet’s office is, in time to say goodbye to poor Moody.

So this story of Moody is very close to my heart. Hanny, you are a great writer, Clotilda, you are brilliant beyond compare. Melody, you fight for donkeys and education of people for the benefit of equine every moment of every day of your life… Re-post this for me honey, up in Oregon. Diana in Washington State, re-post this please. Alicia in Rhode Island, please share or post wherever you think it will get some attention. And Gina, Jonathan, and so many other people I love to read, I know it’s just a cat. But it’s really a lot more than that at stake.

I’m asking anyone who will jump on board, to tell anyone, tame or radical activist, legal expert or regular person with connections, anybody that cares about justice and the prevention of cruelty to animals, to make some noise. Make some calls. Rattle some cages… just please do it. You guys know what to do. And I will keep trying to get more info posted here on my blogs, so use it. Give it. Provide details. This could make such a difference in the lives of animals all over America, if they see a real out-pouring of angry people hungry for justice in a forgotten place that gets away with murder. Literally.

As much as I am sure there are good Christian people, true to their faith and their God, I also personally call it the “political church” and I will not participate, no matter how much I might miss seeing some of the people, the kids and the old ones… I won’t go back. It’s a money game and that’s not how I worship my Creator. But I’m just using the Christian angle to bring attention to the real story, the real issues here. It doesn’t matter what sort of man did this, it only matters that he did. And a perfectly innocent family will never be the same again, ever.

Thank you for reading this. Thank you if you also research it. Thank you if you help me get all the articles, pics, etc. embedded into these pages… Thank you if you are somebody of character and influence and you decide to pick up the phone and make some calls. Please Mr. Eideard, you can take this to a level I cannot… please give this some of your time, I beg you. Thank you if you are a media person and somehow you manage to see this and you decide that yeah, it’s a good story. Get down to this little po-dunk town this week, be here for the trial. I already know a lot of seriously strong-bodied and very upset gentlemen that fight for the rights of animals every day of their lives, and they are coming. I sincerely hope that hell rains down on Mr. Rick Bartlett, of Bastrop, Texas, like nothing he ever imagined, as he sits up there so complacent and self-satisfied with himself, like some rich bogus holy man. And I hope Tina Bartlett, his wife, never has another decent night’s sleep in her pathetic useless life. I can be a real beotch and this is one of those times. I’ve just begun to fight for right in this case. I hope you will join and help me. Anyone that needs a place to crash during the trial is more than welcome to stay at my home, Tristan, Hannah, Michell, all you guys and more, please come down and help me help remember Moody. That he did not die without the world knowing his story, and now we await the outcome, finally. When this monster who calls himself a preacher, who has access to little children, for God’s sake, this man should be brought to his knees and much much worse. And from what I am getting on this end, the adjudicators and the media has been told to shut-up. Gagged. So I’m off to start calling Austin Media now. Let’s see if the city I brag about all the time really is worthy of my high-esteem and respect. I am counting on all of you, ALL of you. Jump in here and help me shine some light down on a very ugly situation and get ready to see a very emotional and highly volatile courtroom situation unfold. Or not. Maybe the new substitute (?) Judge will deliver the “fine” and that will be that. But if you read the articles and see the pictures, you will be just like me. You will not rest until you’ve done what you can. In a world of wars, and strife, hunger, disease, drones, bombings, shootings and untold horrors of our society, one might wonder what’s all the big deal over the death of one cat. I don’t know. Maybe you can tell me. Maybe the issues at hand are really a lot bigger than that, and Moody was only God’s way to expose it all. God Bless You Moody, the orange tabby cat. May you sit on soft pillows again with little children to dress you in funny hats and bundle you in pink blankets, and may you remember your last sight of the beautiful river trees, and nothing more of it, ever. May you sleep quietly and in pure bliss and joy in the laps of the Angels, who I pray will give me the strength and the wisdom to keep going, to do what I know needs to be done. See you at the Courthouse. Or call me anytime. Cissy in Tejas… but maybe not for much longer… Washington state and Colorado are looking a lot more like where I want to load up and start heading down the highway towards. But first I have a little business to finish concerning some seriously messed up gentlemen that are about to find out what one poor older white woman can do. Thank you and God bless all the creatures, great and small.

40 Inspirational speeches in 2 minutes!

Seems like everywhere you look these great Earth Days, there’s another great teacher… and the best are the ones that can make you laugh…. (Following This Blog Big Time!!!) ❤ ❤ ❤


I’m sure you can spare 2 minutes of your day.

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can you hear me?

looking for permanent resident(s)

looking for permanent resident(s)

Over the past few hours, I’ve made several posts in the local places, but I want to try here…

Somewhere in this world, is a young man or young woman, or both, who feel lost like their wheels are turning and turning but going nowhere…

I do not have many answers, but a few… I do not have much money, but enough is enough. What I do have is great vision, abilities, and hope. And a little land.

This land is divided into two parts. There is a mobile home on my side, but to have a nice little home/cabin on the other side will take some design, vision, determination and love… trust… believing in things meant to be…

Surely somewhere in this world is a person who dreams of the opportunity to have a “real” family, for I have none. I have worked all my young life to have this place, only to be growing older quickly, and wondering what will happen after my time is up…

I love all people, all animals, growing plants, sharing, but I do have depression that I fight with a lot. No meds anymore, not my thing. Walking a more spiritual path, a sacred path, in earnest… Only thing that happens when I get depressed is I get sad, go in my room, or go for a long walk down the backroad with puppies, dream is someday to RIDE my MUSTANG, or walk him down the backroad….

If you want to have a horse where you live, it could happen here. I need help with fence work. We need to work on creating a beautiful little farm…. “what can you see, on the horizon…?”

When I was in my late 20’s and into 30’s I would have been so grateful for such an opportunity. Nothing is easy or perfect, that is worth having… true…

I have great vision, some resource, but I need encouragement, strong arms, willing hearts… home base… jumping off place for most anything, go anywhere…

wish to be healthy, live healthy, help others do the same…. we have land, some things in place to get started… a young couple that isn’t afraid to believe in miracles, a young man that just wants his “own” place, show me how badly…

A girl that needs animals in her life, out of the city, but close enough too. A girl that is a warrior for peace, can use her arms, her body, and her heart…
I have a few followers now, that read what I post… I have a couple of dreams that I will never give up on…. but I know when it is time to ask for help… That time is now. Please repost this, tell your friends, ask questions, write me, I have posted a farm ad on GrowFood.org also – trying local Craigslist – posted in several categories. No real expectations anymore, just open to what comes…

I need time to write, so I can generate some funds to make this dream a reality. I also want to play music again and I’m looking for a student… someone willing to learn from keyboard… or someone just wanting to jam/play sometimes….

I have long dreamed of an artist colony, where people can have their own little cabins/studios – free range chickens, maybe some goats, but ultimate goal would be 501 non-profit to help unwanted animals as well. Not sure how much more time I really have… would entertain all inquiries… please no mean people, only kind and careful… as I will be…

thank you for reading this and for passing it on… it will only take that one right person for lots of good things to come to fruition, I just want to share… and hope for a hand-up in exchange, when possible… must love dogs… cats… horses… need to own some kind of truck/vehicle – very close to Austin. I need time to do the things I want to do now, so someone else can grab the ball and run with it… ? ? ? Not Easy Street, far from it, and we’d need some miracles more than likely, but I do believe that this is a legitimate path to investigate…

Sometimes we just have to have some faith, trust in our Maker, to know where to turn, how to look ahead… this is just my attempt, again… are you there? are you listening? do you know of a good person that just needs a break? am one, looking for same… have a good week people… do some good out there… 🙂 thank you for your time and kind consideration and may you be Blessed in All Things, God willing… please, I ask with all humility, to re-post for me….

“We Are Together”

Courage transformed into the Miracle of Love, which you can see so easily in these beautiful images, in their beautiful eyes… This, my friends, is a real love song…. ❤


I heard these three little words many times while I was in Mozambique. Friends and colleagues would often say to me “we are together.”

And the way they said it was….special.

For example, I might say “can you help me get home after the show,” or “will you be at the cafe” and they would look at me and say, almost reassuringly, “we are together.” It would make me feel calm and safe somehow.

One day I asked Chico where this expression comes from. It is translated from the Shangaan word “hixikanwe” (pronounced hishi-kung-way).

It is one of the most beautiful expressions I have ever heard. The words…the context…the sentiment.

So this week’s post is dedicated to some of the wonderful people I met during my African journey, who helped make it so memorable. You have changed me.

To them I say “hixikanwe.”

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Ephemeral Spirit

After I decided to begin a new blog, the name I choose was not available as address, as this idea was already in use… so I found something simple and sadly, appropriate for an address for the new blog, which is granmaspeak.wordpress.com — seems like I am mostly posting to this new blog address, since I’ve noticed a definite change in the air, and my thoughts aren’t always fitting neatly into the pink-ribboned box of CissyBlue. I do not know how to link them up. I’ve been barely keeping my head above the hi-tech water as it is… hehe Hell, what can I say, I’m an artist, not a computer expert. I saved my bacon in my twenties banging out 120 wpm in a legal sweat-shop of hell on the 22nd floor, and trust me, there was no time to learn computing. We were only drone word-processors, glorified typists, that had to know and do and draft everything for our “masters.” I was born in 1955. When we were in grade school, our only best hope in life was to be lucky to have Mrs. Kennedy for a teacher, or Mrs. Archibald, in fact, I was very lucky in the English Literature department, but just being “able” to write, does not make one a writer. Any truly committed writer must surely wait for the day that they change magically from writer to author. That is a very honorable dream indeed.

So that is the simple purpose of this post. You are on the original CissyBlue Blog. Altered States, blah, blah, blah… if you have enjoyed any of my heroic efforts here, please link yourself up to the new one, Ephemeral Spirit, the address shown above, you know, the granma stuff…
or if some kind person can explain the better way to direct traffic from here to there… ??



An Afternoon of Exploration In Central Cairo

Just spent the afternoon with a friend in Cairo… 🙂

The Zen Of The Capybara

Re-blog: Cute Overload, no infringements intended…

A great zen-type story, nighty night, folks!


Fish don’t know they’re in water.

If you tried to explain it, they’d say, “Water? What’s water?”

They’re so surrounded by it, that it’s impossible to see.

They can’t see it until they get outside of it.

This is how I feel about culture.

We’re so surrounded by people who think like us, that it’s impossible to see that what we think are universal truths are just our local culture.

We can’t see it until we get outside of it.

I was born in California and grew up with what I felt was a normal upbringing with normal values.

I was speaking to a business school class here in Singapore. I asked, “How many people would like to start their own company some day?”In a room of 50 people, only one hand (reluctantly) went up.

If I would have asked this question to a room of 50 business school students…

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