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This is so cute.  My “about” page.  I’m about love, and that’s about it.  I’m a native Texan, so I love stories about the “old West” and anything to do with horses, our most noble of animals.  Aside from the obvious, I am a classically trained musician.  I have played in several orchestras, and I’ve given numerous recitals on the piano, my first was at eight years old.  I truly love to learn about physics, which leads me down many strange avenues, many where I have no clue…  I am not someone who has ever really chased after the mighty greenback, nor have I ever been able to save a cent.  I don’t have a retirement account, and I don’t do windows.  I live day to day, the best I can.  As was also the case with my beloved Grandfather, Douglas Prothro Cain, I have a quick temper when it comes to injustice.  I strongly support those small people and organizations that maintain our stewardship to the Earth.  I look at my little farm as my own contribution to God, my little gift back, as everything I do here is meant to show care and love for what I have been given in this life.  I most strongly believe in truth, and the right to live free, and that translates to all peoples, and all creatures.  In the worst of times, I like to think I’m a “good man” in the storm.  Getting past all that, I’m just an older girl that loves to wear pretty clothes, my hair is long, my eyes are blue, I really enjoy preparing a lovely meal, and I am “still” learning and working at being a gardener.  I look up at the stars every nite and thank God I’m alive and breathing and able to see all the beauty around me, and my heart longs for the peace and love found in a “once in a lifetime” relationship.  If I had one major hope for this world, it would be that no child ever go hungry again.  Peace to all!

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  1. Cissy, you haven’t filled in your “about” page yet, but I’m leaving a note for you here anyway. I want to tell you how much I appreciated what you wrote in a comment today on my photography blog. It was so moving that it brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for the kind and wonderful words!

  2. Marie Taylor said:

    Thank you for visiting my blog. I also enjoyed reading yours. Best wishes, Marie

  3. I’m about love, and that’s about it >> I really love this. It’s a beautiful way to describe yourself, and it’s just perfect 🙂 I have read some of your writings, and they speak to me at all levels 🙂 Anyway, if you don’t mind, do you think you could leave your postal address at my email beradadisini[at]gmail[dot]com — I want to send over some batik stuff your way because you like them :’)

  4. Beautifully descriptive. Thanks so much for visiting and re-blogging my post. Alys

  5. Thanks for coming in to see me at Steve Says…come again, stay a while – have a drink even! Happy blogging. Steve…

  6. I am new to Central Texas. I’m from the Pacific Northwest. I was wondering what the outcome of the trial of Moody’s killer was? What a horrible story. It sickens me. I love the beauty of this land. I have met some wonderful kind people. But, to be honest, will probably be moving to live in a state that is more shall we say blue…

    • Hello Miss Ann. Regrets that I am just now to see your comment here. After a ridiculous trial, where the most damning evidence – the report of the Vet examining Moody was squashed, not even allowed to be presented in court, and completely ignoring the outcry of the public, they delayed sentencing for a month after the trial. In that trial, the regular presiding judge took a sudden unexpected vacation, and was replaced by a much older retired judge from up north. That alone spoke volumns to me. Of course when they came back, that judge decided probation, and no fine, no jail time. Nothing happened. He went scott-free. I can certainly see why you’d be homesick. Every single day, I look toward the north and the west. I’ve lived in Colorado, and love it. Only reason I’ve been able to stay around these parts would be due to the wonderful atmosphere and mentality of Austin. They are very much blue! There are different reasons for different outcomes in cases of animal abuse, but generally it seems as in all court proceedings, skewed by money. I’m sure the killer vet- girl in Brenham went underground and will re-appear somewhere nobody knows her and start again. Just like the dentist lion-killer. Money always determines things. The reason for Moody’s killer’s protection? He was the Chaplain for the County police out here. He knew every cop’s secrets, so they protected him. Best I can figure out. We have to continue to bring awareness up to the level where animals are recognized as soul beings with rights and protections against twisted and evil people. I hope you see this reply and stay in
      touch Ann.

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