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Slowly Pulling Down the Blanket

Never had writer’s block before.  It’s a humbling experience, to say the least, actually just to say more…  it’s a vicious circle of defeat.  This state of being also prohibits any reading.  You are just desolate of original thought.

Digging down deeper seems a never-ending rabbit hole of illusions ripping apart our realities.  With nothing else left to lose, we stand on the edge of the rocky cliff barefoot, winds of a thousand years across our face, looking out, looking into the abyss…

What is left of a person when all that seems just and fair is only a lie that people want to hang onto.  Basically what we came in with, and then gradually survived through, to see this time.  Being so very vulnerable is not pleasant to me.  Exercising free will requires great courage when paired with focused thoughts and intention, because there is a proper result to be had…  a lesson to learn in everything.

When one of the senses is diminished, the others kick in double time.  It is a good advantage to remember.  To see the greatest sadness affords an ever-deepening appreciation of the goodness and beauty in this world, not the least of which is that which lies in the hearts of man.

She saw a great angel, with eyes full of tears, head in his hands, sending such great love to us, the tiny hearts of a kinder day…

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