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Spiritual by Nature: How Solar Energy Animates Life

Energy. Soon perhaps, we will come to understand this word.

Creative by Nature

solar animating life

Does modern Western science provide support for the idea that there’s a spiritual energy field in our bodies? Eastern cultures have been aware of this “force” for thousands of years, it’s called prana (प्राण) in Hinduism, qi or chi (氣) in Chinese. In Eastern cultures spiritual practices – such as yoga, tai chi and chakra meditation – were developed to help people get their bodies, hearts and minds in tune with this dimension.

I believe that modern science provides support for the idea that this ” life force” is real, not fantasy. Some years ago I helped teach a middle school science class and drew this cartoon for the students, based on what we had studied together about biological and ecological systems. The textbook presented all this information in isolation about the function of various systems, but had not connected the knowledge all together. 

The students and I were amazed, from the perspective of…

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Goal Quote – Aug. 27, 2014

Goal Habits.com


“You live with your thoughts—so be careful what they are.” 
—Eva Arrington


Enjoy today.
Achieve today.
Tomorrow is promised to no one!

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It’s Feel Good Sunday

For all you good people who love the horse and all her brothers and sisters, here’s a little bit of snow to cool down your lovely Sunday afternoon. At this point, I really appreciate the snow…

Straight from the Horse's Heart

Time to recharge our spirits, so here’s a little comic relief (an oldie but goodie).
Keep the faith.

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Zip and Boy

Love, love, love…

Cahill Photojournalism

IMG_6897We’re talking about “moment shots.”

This photo of my middle child and our Border collie, Zip, is a good example of capturing a moment. The dog’s paw and tongue on the boy’s face, and the boy’s smiling grimace shows the emotion of the moment – she loves him, and he loves her, but her tongue is warm and wet and slightly gross-feeling against his cheek. This photo shows the feelings these two have for one another. I like it better than a posed shot of dog and boy.

The best piece of advice I can offer as far as taking moment shots is to have your camera settings adjusted and your camera up and at the ready. If you can adjust shutter speed, use TV – Time Value – and set your shutter speed to 1/250 or faster (higher bottom number).

Copyright Danita Cahill. All rights reserved.


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Once You Know…

in the life and mind of an artist...

Guess it’s time we all just got a little more comfortable with the inevitable…  A little more cautious maybe, a lot more grateful… Just to hear sane people speak freely, and to see all the unbelievable videos…  it truly boggles the mind!  

Peace out! and Good Night! 


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Becoming a caring source to others

Identifying our roots can bring great calm.

The Insulate World

in the life and mind of an artist...

What is all this hoopla they speak of, this going inward, this different place…  Having gone there several times in earnest, and not finding it terribly different from present moment reality, I have come to realize a lack to delve inward reveals all manner of undisciplined and even repressed emotions.  No one dare speak their fears out loud, lest they might be forced to confront the monsters head-on, in the light of day…

What I can say with all certainty, is that the depth of understanding and total transcendence, even standing in the very portal of a dimensional shift of unknown results, is beyond any silly concerns of our own making.  We have become an insulate world.  How very ironic in light of the wide open doors of cyberspace.  There are no limits.  Why would anyone choose less?  I believe we have been totally disconnected.  And it is happening even…

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