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EnergyWork & Bushra’s Gift

She was trying to understand. It had to do with feeling. All through her days, she had felt persecuted, misunderstood, and unappreciated. At this point all she wanted to do was communicate, and even that seemed very difficult. Yes, people might hear, but were the words actually getting through? Sadly, she thought, probably not.

There was always a rodeo over which activity took highest priority. So she began to explore the little things first, learning to be more open. Whenever she could sneak back to her room and grab a few quiet moments of rest, she would hope for a chance to read just a bit, before soon enough something or someone would distract her. It was a test at staying focused and to remember, and so soon she decided she would rely more heavily on the old ways.

For instance, she had always walked barefoot on the patch of earth where she lived. She had been reading that Mother Earth has energy we can use to balance our lives, which would lead us to living more healthy lives. Laughing to herself, she wondered why she wasn’t more balanced lately, and why she didn’t feel this energy.

One day she noticed how much the influence of the person she lived with directly affected her. One day she could control her response to negativity, and other times she felt like giving him a well-deserved verbal assault to bring him to his knees. This was when the real lessons began.

That particular morning, she was standing on the dry, sandy soil of her front yard, holding the water hose on shower, and giving the area a little badly needed water. Walking about slowly, with her senses wide open, she began to notice that where she had watered felt different under her feet. It felt almost like cool light coming through the center of each foot. Her toes began to curl around little green things covered in droplets, and even though she had no idea that her aura had turned a deep radiant blue, she realized she had made a subtle discovery.

Like a real epiphany, it dawned on her that this beautiful loving energy was always available, no need to suffer. All that was necessary was awareness and intention.

It explained a lot and it explained nothing at all. For instance, she wondered why she had a perfectly functioning mind, but found herself tending impossible gardens. Why were some people living in urban settings and sipping good wine while she was washing out a basin of kitchen towels off the back porch.

To counteract this anomaly she reached into the cool water and retrieved a small cotton shirt with a print of coastlines, oceans and maps. Then she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small brown bottle and began to infuse the fabric with the oil inside, a patchouli scent that always had a calming effect.

Tonight she would cut the dried fabric into new shapes to make a bag, because very soon was her little friend’s birthday, and this was to become her gift. Each stitch, each idea of style and functionality would all be considered as well as beauty and art. Only her sweet friend would know the good energy and love this gift could bestow.

That evening, as she drew little pictures and designs on the back of a used envelope, making the gift became far more fun and enjoyable than she had ever imagined. While hanging her fabric up to dry earlier, the man outside had wandered by and she asked him if he could smell the fragrant oil. Looking at her like she was out of her mind, he said, “Well, it’s strong, yes I can smell it! Girls used to wear way too much of that patchouli stuff!”

She could hardly hold back the laughter that filled her inside! Soon she’d be able to abandon another day’s chores and get back to her books. So many old ideas had brand new minds giving the old folks a hand up on this “energy work.” She planned to live several more decades. She wondered what new things she might learn tonight.

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